Monday, April 20, 2015

Lamps and Lanterns

I finally found a lamp for the living room without ordering one on-line. I was really hoping to find something I could actually see vs. ordering and taking the risk of having to return it. 

 It's made of terracotta with a soft white coloring and acanthus leaves coming up from the bottom.  I'm waiting for the 2nd one which had to be ordered.

The glaze is slightly crackled and gives it a bit of an aged look.  My goal was to have something versatile in case there is a change in the room.  I have been trying to do some updating to the room by adding lighter colors.  Creams and whites seem to be working well.  I started late 2013 by lightening the wall color and new drapery panels.

 So last week I found these white lanterns.  I cleared the mantel and set them up there but suddenly felt at a loss as to how I was going to finish it out.  I had to make my mind up quickly because the store said it would be okay if I needed to return them, but the store is a 50 mile trek one way so I was really hoping to make this work.

I started hunting for a picture that would inspire me and this grabbed my attention.  I look for design formulas that strike me.  I liked the symmetry of the two jars, the cluster of candlesticks, and the plant with a picture centered behind.

I used my white and gold bowl that I won from a blog as seen "here".  My philodendron did the trick for the plant.

 I didn't have three candlesticks I liked together so I decided the white vase would stay and be the "third" item in this cluster.

After eyeing the lanterns a bunch I decided they needed I added these gold tie-back tassels which fit around the neck perfectly.   I put my Luminara candles inside that run on a timer.  I can't really center the tassels because they'd block the candle's flicker.

So here's my version.  I had the white candles in my stock pile and used a sticky wax to fix them to the candlesticks since they are made for tapers.  I thought it was interesting how they seemed to mimic the shape of the white lanterns. 

I knew the lanterns were not as elegant as the picture and were an unexpected choice but I like the challenge to "play a look up or down".  I think the tassels dressed up the lanterns just enough to make it work and I like the unexpected look I got from this.  

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