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May 24, 2016

Patriotic Color for the Kitchen Dining Area

Adding the red, white and blue in a subtle amount seems to work nicely and I'll keep it going through July 4th.

The melamine anchor dishes were found at Sur La Table last year.  The blue stripe dishes I've used many times.

See the pig!  She cracks me up- found it at Cracker Barrel.  She'll be a part of a seascape table before long.  I'll show her off better then!  I dug through my faux flowers and put together an arrangement for the top.  This metal bucket fits in here so well I decided to keep using it.

A re-arrangement of things that were here before.  A napkin with anchors serves as a doily for the table.

It's that time of year- here's to the red, white and blue!

May 23, 2016

Garden Party #2

Come on over to my garden blog "Sit With Me In my Garden" and the blog party
 A Garden Party #2!

My post

Link to the party:

May 19, 2016

Thinking about Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming up quickly.  My mind has been on the outdoors and not inside so I pulled out a couple of tablescape posts from the past for Memorial Day.  

In 2014 I chose these restaurant style dishes for a patriotic and picnic like look.
This is the link to the original post "here"
I assembled the floral arrangement from things in my garden.

In 2015 I used the same dishes and created a buffet styled tablescape.
This is the original link to this post "here"
I noticed a common vein as I went through my posts since 2010 around Memorial Day.  I am always busier outside than in!

Next week I will have a new Memorial Day tablescaped pulled together.
Memorial Day is Monday May 30th this year.

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May 15, 2016

Some Buffalo but no Mulch!

The weekend didn't go as I had thought- but we made the best of it.

There are two buffalo farms near us with and this group is located close to the highway known as US31/M37 which is a pretty busy well traveled road into Traverse City.

We were headed home after doing errands and the buffalo were really close to the fence today.  We see them out in the pasture a lot but rarely this close to the fence line.  Dan drove up the road and turned around so I could capture a few pictures.

I stood outside of the car on a sandy ridge with a pretty powerful wind pushing me.  Nothing will stop this woman when she's on a mission!  LOL.... I told Dan I could just see me falling down the little hill and all the cars passing by taking pictures and I'd make the 6:00 news- but I didn't!

I zoomed in a bit and as you can see they are shedding their winter coat.

I did a panoramic shot which came out pretty good.

We had planned to get mulch out this weekend but the weather was all over the charts.  Saturday we had threatening clouds and as the day went on the wind picked up and the temps dropped.

In the morning I woke to this.  It was 32 degrees and we had a coating of snow.  I can' believe I'm saying that in mid May but I am.  This was pretty rare even for us.

I was ticked about the snow and decide to tear into my cupboards again.  I've had a mish-mash  of stuff in the glass door cupboards but when I get done it will be only be creamy white dishes that will show.  I don't know where the other things are going but that's half the fun- right?

Eventually the temps climbed into the low 50's so that was great but it was windy and made it seem very chilly. Just the same- it turned into a pretty day and that was a nice reward after last nights crap weather!  This doesn't look like much but once the trees are fully leafed out and the plants are filled in it becomes  quite a different look.  Visit my 2nd blog "Sit With Me In My Garden" which I mainly focus on my gardens and things around the outside of the house.  

The turkeys are still visiting quite regularly.  They're used to me now coming around to taking pictures and let me get closer now.  We've had 4 toms visiting trying to get the attention of the hens.  This shot is actually 3 of the toms.  Though it's fun to see them they are hard on the landscape.  They drink from the bird baths and pick leftover seeds from the bird feeders.  They forage for food and the ground gets really torn up.  

Buh-bye for now!

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May 13, 2016

Lingering Mother's Day Memories

After I broke down the table and put away the dishes I put some things on the dining table from Mother's Day.  
This put a smile on my face- the inside is a pop up so as you open it the guy is hiding in the cart but then moves up to offer a kiss!

 A sweet card from son and daughter in-law.  They live 2400 miles away so our visits are too far and few.  We have a love for cats in common and they know how I love flowers so this card is a perfect sentiment!  We'll catch up in June when we see them again!

 Sweet daughter came in with this giant card which I adore.  Love the big bird cage and of course the sentiment.

She also gifted me with these lovely carnations and a gift card from a favorite garden store!
You know how long that gift card will last!

I've kept this up all week- still enjoying the memories.

This morning I read a post from Just Jan blog as seen "here"
She included several quotes about mothers that touched my heart.  I selected one to include in my post.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. 
A mother is something absolutely new. - Rajneesh

I'm watching this little mom out my living room window.  She's staying tight on the nest so we should see some little ones soon. 

We are planning on spreading landscape mulch this weekend.  Not much fun but rewarding in the end. It's going to be very cool this weekend but that's okay since we have to work it won't be hot or sticky!

Thanks for visiting and sharing my lingering Mother's Day memories. 
Have a great weekend!

May 12, 2016

Lilac Memory Lane

As I peer out my window I can see my lilac topiary tree full of lilac buds that aren't quite ready to open.
I thought I would put together some pictures from previous posts with lilacs.

 This was my "Lilac Inspired" tablescape from May 20, 2015


 In March of 2014 I posted this "Purple Profusion" tablescape.  I was dreaming of spring early because of a particularly grueling winter and I needed something to inspire me!


 In late May of 2013 I posted this "Cottage Garden Inspired"tablescape

I got these from our visit to the family farm my husband grew up on.
Ahh…. I love the smell of lilacs!


Last June when my lilacs were actually blooming I did a "Flower Power Luncheon" tablescape. I hope mine will be blooming before June since it was a milder winter up here.

I can hardly wait to have these beauties blooming in my garden again!

Thanks for going down my Lilac Memory Lane with me!

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May 8, 2016

No More Entryway Table

Back in February we traveled down to Grand Rapids in search of a chest of drawers that I wanted to have in place of the round table that I'd been using by the door.
Anyone of you that has followed me has seen many displays using my little round table.
 I've had fun using it for the holidays and seasonal displays.

When I got the masonite table it was the best I could afford plus it has hidden storage underneath which was always a bonus.  I've found it a new home near Dan's stereo set up and gave him a place to set his things.

2 months later it arrived. 

 I found it through Ethan Allen and was delighted to know it's made in America.   The handles are an antiqued silver.  Sometimes they look like a soft gold and other times more silverfish.

I knew right away that I needed something above it and didn't feel like anything I already had was going to work.  We were at a local furniture store I spotted mirror. I was sure it was going to work but after measuring it it was way too large so I had to let go of that idea.

I have a thing for the quatrefoil design so I did some searching for quatrefoil mirrors and finally landed on this one.  

A closeup of the antiqued gold finish.

I love stained wood so this was right up my alley.  I chose it because it also has the kind of coloring as our formal dining set, the dimensions were great and it offers a bow front kind of like a bombay chest.

My Pottery Barn candle holders ended up here and I really like it. At night they candles come on with the timer and give a nice soft glow.

I like that it reflects things in the room and the mirror offers a place to view yourself before you go out the door!  My chair works well with it too and even the legs have a similar design (didn't even plan that one!).   Now I want a larger rug that can encompass the door area and at least part of the chest to pull it all together as they say!  

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