Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Light the Lantern

After being out in the cold all day returning to an inviting table and warm meal can be a reward!

First let's imagine you've had an active outdoor day snowshoeing, cross country skiing or maybe a heavy day running from store to store shopping!
Upon returning home you are pleased that you had already set the table and started a meal in the crock pot earlier that day.  You light the lantern and cozy things up.

 (I used a sticky wax to stand the candles upright on their own)

The lantern reflects remnants of the outdoors- candles that look like birch trees with the delicious smell of pine cones and cedar from some pot pourri I had on hand.
The dinner prepared in the crock pot will replace the lantern along with some hearty biscuits and a dessert to follow.

 Warm earthy tones to reflect the outdoor northwood spirit!

Miniature antlers reminding you of the deer that scamper through the woods around here.

  The bottom layer tablecloth added warmth but needed some separation of pattern so I chose the snowy white woven tablecloth.

Time for a cozy gathering and some reflection of the day's events.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Corner Table Face Lift!

 The corner table...once again...another face lift!
This table gets changed the most often of any spot in the house!

I conned my hubby into a trip to Hobby Lobby (70 miles away) last week.  I picked up this birdcage cloche.  I had these artichokes and deco balls that I finally chose to fill it with.

My two Bunny Williams books joined the tabletop vignette.
OMG I would so love to spend time with her on a decorating project.  I can't even imagine how fun that would be!  I'm sure I'd walk away inspired beyond imagination but also wanting more than I can ever afford!  Where's that lottery ticket!!

You've seen this huge vase before- it moves around the house- it was on the dining table before Christmas as seen "here".  I placed a philodendron in the top for added height and color. 

My favorite candlestick still holding the Pottery Barn candle I got almost 2 yrs ago.  I have burned it some but I love the pattern on it so I want to preserve it.  You know you can stick a tea light down inside a pillar candle instead of continuing to burn the candle!  It can be a real tea light or flameless.

I have a flameless tea light candle in it.  When you have a candle with a pattern like this it shows off nicely the deeper down the flame goes.  I'll burn this one down a bit more but you get the drift.

We had a wonderful sunlit day when I took these pictures- sure brings the spirit up!
That's our doorbell up on the top wise it bugs me but somehow I keep it.  It plays about fifteen different tunes that you can select from- even Yankee Doodle!  LOL...

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

You Can't Get It Done If You Don't Do It!

While having my morning coffee I was in a funk.   I was noticing the morning sky was showing signs of clearing so to get myself moving I reminded myself of my new mantra 
I made this phrase up for myself to help keep me driven to doing things.  It is helpful when I feel humdrum and lazy which is more often than I care to admit!  
I love catching the sun when I take pictures of my tablescapes but in order to catch it I have to be ready to shoot pictures at around 9:00 a.m.- needless to say I had to hustle to get this done!

 I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but after I read a blog post this morning at Rattlebridge Farm called "50 Shades of Red" the bell went off in my head!

When I saw this quote that was included in the post I mentioned "red is the ultimate cure for sadness" I got my color inspiration to pull a tablescape together.  
What's to be sad about?  Well you just can't help but be a bit sad when the days are gray more often than not and all too short!  Nothing like a punch of red to cheer things up!

 I chose my new HL French wire basket.  The bronze finished rooster took center stage with a white linen napkin to dress it out and I included the rex begonia branches around the sides to finish it off.

I love these plates and they had to be a part of this scape.
I chose to repeat the black coloring with the wood charger and the flatware.

The rooster/chicken? ramekins became my napkin holders.  The rick rack trim and enlarged checkered design work well with these dishes.  I've used a similar combo before as seen "here" 

The view outside is white on white with a touch of gray and green.  Too monotone for me!

I got Dan to move my plate rack and center it on the wall (left-right) which turned into three days of work because of all the nail holes that needed patching then re-painting.  I have left the wall space blank because I'm still deciding on what I'd like to do with it. 

Now it's time for me to get my slow cooker going for this evening's meal!

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