Monday, September 22, 2014

Embracing Fall on the Mantel

Well- fall is officially greeting us tomorrow and I have chosen to embrace it! 

That said...

I decided to focus my attention on the mantel for some seasonal decorating.  
Those of you who follow me will notice I lowered the two tall French Pedestal Urns down to the hearth.   After I placed them there I felt a need for some more symmetry so I flanked the fireplace with the two wing back chairs. 

 A used a combination of faux plants to add some warm tones and texture.

I clustered pumpkins, gourds and apples along with some floral sprays with touches of leaves and sunflowers to create an autumnal bounty.   My goal this year was to keep most of what I already had on the mantel and embellish it with a harvest of these seasonal favorites.

I enjoy the warm rich tones this season offers us.  Our trees are starting to show signs of change and it won't be long before our landscape will be bursting with these beautiful colors!

I'm glad I got this chance to take pictures on Friday with the sun filling the room since it's been raining all weekend and we haven't seen the sun since!

The evenings always seem more special when there are candles glowing!

As our good friend Ron from The Uptown Acorn would say- It's Fall Y'all!!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

This Week's Ramblings #13

Its been a rather cool week mixed with rain and fog in the mornings.  We've even turned on the furnace in the evenings just to take the chill out since it's been dropping into the 40's at night.

The season is mixed here- fall is only days away by the calendar but you can already sense it around you.  The fog was burning off the other morning and I caught the sun's rays of light beaming through the trees.

On Monday I posted about this basket I loaded up with some spa accessories.  I posted about it "here"

Over the weekend we went to the Farmer's Market and I found some goodies which I posted about "here" I froze up green beans that I got at the market.  

I noticed how the water was still beaded up on the ornamental kale and thought it made for a good picture.  It didn't seem to mind all the rain we'd been getting.  

I spotted this blue and purple flower on my hydrangeas- I was tickled to see this since most of the flowers on the Endless Summer hydrangeas stay pink here.  

I've been watching this week's PBS presentation about the Roosevelt's.  It's been interesting to learn about Theodore, Eleanor and Franklin and the era of time they lived through.  

Teddy Roosevelt was quite the dynamo.  He didn't sit still long and neither does my Teddy except when he sleeps- which he does very well!  Little Teddy is like a toddler right now who's discovering his world. He's quite the busy body and keeps me company everywhere I go- literally... the bathroom, laundry room, closet etc!  

It's taken a month but he and our other cat Carmen are now friends.  

Looking forward to the next few days as we warm up again to the 70's!  I rearranged the living room and decorated the mantel for fall.  I'll get some pictures up next week!
Cheers to a good weekend for everyone!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Farmer's Market and the Weekend

This past weekend we went to the Farmer's Market and I found some goodies. 

I got fresh onions, a bag of apples- plus two freebies, corn on the cob which was heavenly, green beans, two different kinds of honey and a pair of pumpkins.

 I went right to the kitchen and started to prep the green beans to boil and freeze.  My method comes from a cook book and it says to boil for 3 minutes (kills the enzymes) then cool them off quickly and freeze.  I like to have an ice water bath to set them in to cool them off quickly.

I quickly transferred them to a towel covered with white paper toweling to dry them a bit but only for a few moments then off to

this foil covered cooling rack and put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes before packing them in their containers.  I have a side by side and it doesn't hold big trays so I had to improvise with something that would fit.  Freezing them this way keeps them from sticking to each other when they are packaged up.

This is the wonderful local honey that I purchased.  The one on the left is from star thistle and notably light in color.  It has a nice delicate sweet flavor.  

I made an apple pie using the new apples- the flavor was great.  They were gold Ginger Gold and had enough tartness to them to bake up nicely but they did get a bit softer than I'd like.  It's just a tad early around here for apples- there will be a lot more to choose from soon. 

I cut up new red potatoes, put them in a plastic bag with some olive oil so they'd get evenly coated and then sprinkled them with seasoning and paprika and baked them (425 deg.).  I covered them with foil for the first 45 min. then uncovered them for 30 min.

  I forgot to get hamburger buns so we just ate the burgers without any bread which was fine. No fancy table setting today...I was tuckered out by the end of the day and this had to do!  I added 1 lg. egg to the 1 lb. package of ground beef, sprinkled in seasoning and made the patties up.  It adds a bit of moisture to them and they are delicious that way!  The beef is so lean it tends to seem dry at times so that's why I decided to try this method.  So much for low cholesterol!

We had this wine along with our meal and dessert.  It's a Moscato called DiCello, Moscato D'Asti.  It was very good- I served it cold and I'm pretty sure that's the best way to serve it.  It's actually a sparkling wine which I didn't realize.  I thought the bottle was pretty and that's why I decided to try it!  Ha ha, I'm no wine connoisseur, that's for sure!

Afterwards we went outside and enjoyed a fire.
We topped the evening off with a new movie I had picked up- 
Captain American- The Winter Soldier.  It was very good- I like action and science fiction so I'm good with this kind of movie.  Staring at Chris Evans on the big screen isn't a bad thing to do either!!  I'm sure my husband enjoyed Scarlett Johannson's tight fitting body suit too!

The  pumpkins made it to the deck.... there will be more!

So that was my trip to the Farmer's Market and my Saturday.  Sunday, it rained a lot so we did things around the house and I made a pot roast which we've enjoyed for a couple of meals now!

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