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October 25, 2016

Fall Benefits

Fall colors are at peek up here.  I took a few shots in my backyard.  My little garden bench has 
become a lap for leaves!

The Japanese Maple is still turning to its fall color but with the sunlight behind if it made for a pretty picture!

We have a lot of yellow in the trees on our side because it's so shaded.  Out in the sun you'll see much more color! 

This was a shot I caught out across a field with the classic warm russet tones.  

We went for a drive to see fall colors and this was one of the few images I captured.   The clouds moved in more and more and stole the sunlight so it ended up being a bit of a shopping day in Glen Arbor where we were headed.  

We had a late lunch here at Bone Docks which is really a hub in this town.  They have a huge outside decking area with lots of tables and a big covered bar area complete with tv's for the sports fans and plenty to drink if that's your desire.  In the summer it's truly a hot spot!  In the fall the tourists are less than half but the good thing is the sales at the shops.  Some of them have 50% off since they want to clear the shelves for the winter.  A great deal of these shops literally close up for the winter.

Right after we left the restaurant I ended up at a cute story called the Cottonseed.  They have a wonderful selection of clothing (more appropriate for the younger generation) and I found a sweet skirt and blouse for my daughter but I can't show it in case she reads this!

I spotted this coffee mug at another store and just had to have it.  If you know me you know I like to garden and I do play in the dirt!

I spotted this basket at one little shop and nearly passed it up.  I'm glad I brought it home which prompted me to play with it.

I remembered I had this napkin (after reading a post by Calypso In the Country) the other day.  I thought I'd see how it would look in the basket.

Then I added a wine cooler to the center.

So of course I had to try it with a bottle of wine and it works!  This would be a cute way to present a bottle of wine for a luncheon or dinner!  It's a very strong well made basket so it can take being used like this.

My first idea was to put fruit in it so of course I had to try that too!

I dug out some placemats and set the basket on the table.  I love it!  I have a thing for chicken wire so this was an automatic draw to my eyes!  I have some Pottery Barn pieces from several years back that  this looks surprisingly close to!  So my fall benefits were the sales!

October 23, 2016

Halloween Extravaganza!

Winnie and the ghouls welcome you to their Halloween Extravaganza!
Please join us and let's see how the table is set!

 Winnie sits atop her purple glittery cauldron inviting you to Trick or Treat!
Designed with black branches and purple flower accents.

Her sign has been posted "The Witch Is In"!  

 The ravens keep guard over the event- party crashers will be dealt with!

Leo lost his head so he's keeping company with the candy jar!

 Everyone enjoys coming together for Halloween!

 Clarence will help guide your way!

Little Crissy here would love for you to tell her a story- but be careful of what she's hiding behind her back!  Can't always trust the cute ones you know!

 Hope you're not afraid of black cats!

 Candlelight will only do for this party!

 Slipcovers of glittery spiderwebs were made for the chairs…

Decorative vases with glittery things…

 Including spiders, black leaves, pumpkins and gourds…

 Purple placemats & black chargers to show off the dishes!  Crystal stemware for some toxic drinks!

Let's have a bite...

This menu has gone over well before so we'll stick to it again!

Winnie thanks you for joining her Halloween Extravaganza and hopes you enjoyed yourself.
You come back and join us again!

Keep the candles burning….the dark can be very scary!!

Winnie the Witch has appeared "2011 here", "2012 "here" and also "here", and "2015 here"
Orange dinner plates from Kohls 
Cat and pumpkin plates from Crate & Barrel
Candelabras from Pier 1 (on sale free shipping)
Pumpkin with black bats from JoAnn's
Glittery orange pumpkins from Pier 1
Glittery florals in vases from Michael's
Black plastic cauldron (Walmart)- sprayed with purple glittery paint found at Michael's
Black foam ravens from Michael's
Spider web runner- T.J.Maxx

Tablescape Thursday

October 17, 2016

Halloween Deckorating and My New Red Door!

I added some metal pumpkin luminaries to my fall "deckorating"

Over the weekend the door and window trim got updated.  We bought the paint over a month ago but fell behind in our pursuits.  It's called Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore and I love it!  You can see the little windows on the garage door that Dan trimmed.   The outer edge that frames the window is now the same brown color as the deck which was selected to match the windows on the house.  You can see the window frame on the side of the garage as an example of what I mean.  

I never showed my topiaries I put together in September.

 I used the pine needle straw as a base to to help keep the pumpkin from sitting on dirt.  I figured it might start to rot quicker if it was sitting directly on soil.  There had been plants growing in these topiary cages all summer that I removed since they were looking tired.  We took one of the metal frames with us when we went to the farm market and searched for pumpkins that would fit.

We had a very active thunder and lighting storm early in the morning!  A few more leaves fell as a result.  We're beginning to see the colors changing around here- just a tad later than normal.  

I took this yesterday when we headed to town.  Some pockets of color are showing up.

 We still haven't had a killing frost so these plants on the right that I included in my vignette are still growing!

 I bought this one about 3 years ago.  We went back to the same place and they had more of them and more sizes.
Don't laugh too hard but I gave them rain bonnets!  LOL… I didn't want them constantly soaked so I covered them up.  

The coloring after the rain was so rich I had to take a few pictures.  You can't beat autumn in the north!
I'll add candles and light up the luminaries for Halloween!


October 16, 2016

Moods of the Living Room With New Carpet

One of the few times the sun was out recently I snapped this shot hoping to show the new "mood" of the room with the lighter carpet.

In this picture the carpet almost seems gray but of course it's not.   The tone is affected even by things from the outside.  There's a big blue spruce off to the right outside and at times the carpet picks up a blue cast and now the thick glass tabletops can reflect blue onto the carpet too!  I never saw that affect on the golden yellow carpet we previously had.

 The color is called Eggshell made by Karstan and the name is Dramatic Details.  

I talked about this before in the post I did about when it was installed and we dubbed it the "broken box" design.  I like it a lot - it has a velvety feeling under foot.  I wanted a updated look leaning towards contemporary yet to still workable with our traditional home.

The game table was shifted over to where the tv had been and I'm using it to display some family pictures that I will add on to as time goes by.

I set the mood with some candles late afternoon.  Those of you who have followed me will note the tv is centered now on the south wall and not in the corner any longer. 

The big grandfather clock was relocated to the corner and it works there nicely.  I often look up to it in the evenings when watching tv to check the time.

I finally found my glass pumpkins.  This is a new candle by Voluspa called Incognito with a wonderful amber glass designed container.  It has a yummy smell.

We turn off the gas line to the fireplace during the off months so I can't have a fire burning just yet.  The candles will have to create the ambiance for now!

 I love the new carpet.  It definitely lightened up the room and somehow it feels more spacious too.

The mood is set for the evening!

I'll be joining 

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