February 9, 2016

Dan's Day

Happy Birthday to my hubby!

I made him a German Chocolate Cake which is his favorite.  The only candles I had were about 12" tall so I stuck one right through the whole cake!  I got a big laugh out of him and my daughter later on when we cut
into it!

 We went to a local restaurant called Copper Falls and had a delicious lunch.  

 Ok so I'm not a cake decorator but it was so good!  
Chocolate chip mint ice cream to go along with the cake- yum!

I got him a pair of fleece lined jeans from Duluth Trading Co., and the socks are some wool compression socks that he's in love with now too from the same place.

Our son and daughter in-law called and they Face-timed for a while and he relaxed all evening.  
Teddy is always close by!

Last Saturday we went to see our daughter for an early birthday celebration for her and Dan.  

Last Friday my friend's husband passed away from a short illness with cancer.  I'm still trying to grasp it all.  I feel like I'm looking at life so differently these days. With my brother in-law passing in December and now my friend's husband it's causing me to do a lot of reflecting.

Love and appreciate those as much as possible while you can!

Happy 67th B.D. Dan….
Love always, Liz

February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day-Cozier Living Room

Well once again it's snowing- another stay inside day.
So what can you do? Dust, vacuum and of course move furniture!  That's what we all do- right?

This is how it was....

And now ...
Guess what's on tv? Groundhog Day appropriately!  Well I can assure you we'll have 6 more weeks of winter here no matter what the groundhog predicts!

My view rocking in my red chair...

This Angelic piece is taking center stage on the coffee table.  (Pier One)

She's a Garden Angel holding a little bird.  I think she needs some greens below her. Another thing to find.

During my purging I found this vase hidden away so I decided to try it on the mantel. If you remember I was looking for a third item to set there.

Not too bad- It'll do for now!  I still need some books to go there. Gotta find just what I want.

Making the best of being stuck indoors! The fire warms the room up and it's cozy in here!  

He did not see his shadow which is supposed to mean early spring is forecasted!  Hope you're enjoying this Groundhog Day!

February 1, 2016

Valentine's LOVE on the Plate Rack

I don't usually decorate for Valentine's Day but somehow this year I felt like giving it  a try.  I've seen several bloggers do some real cute things that inspired me.  

Still using my little faux cedar trees.  I re-used these glittery red hearts that I first showed on a little topiary I made up and showed on my Valentine Sweetness tablescape as seen "here"

The sun made an appearance which added to the LOVE.   

I kept the dinner plates up here as seen "here" which make a good backdrop for the salad plates.

I wanted something confectionery feeling so I layered pink and red together.  The Ruby red Mosser glass plates enhanced the design and color of the pink rose plates that were gifted to me by my Mom.  I used them in my first blog tablescape as seen "here".

Simple but just enough for me!

Some of you may remember the Love marquee sign I found at T.J.'s and posted back in mid December as seen "here".  There is a battery back for them and it even has a timer so they'll come on for 4 hrs each day.  These new LED lights are so much easier on batteries- gotta LOVE that!

Valentine's LOVE 
on the Plate Rack

January 28, 2016

Dried Roses for a Blue Lady

Okay so I stole the line from a song which really is "Red Roses for a Blue Lady" but my "Dried" Roses apply better for my title!

While purging my stock of deco items I sat staring at this pretty vase with dried roses that I was considering letting go.  I talked myself out of it and decided to try it over on my little round entry table.

Several years ago I found this at a cute little shop in town and it came with the dried roses.   I had it in the bedroom for a long time but it lost it's space when we re-did the room last year as seen "here".

She's an antique with some chips but I loved it the moment I saw it so home she came with me.

I also found this lace table topper while purging as I went through a drawer full of table runners and toppers a couple of weeks ago.   I decided to place it on top of the burlap covered table and it immediately changed the tone of the table. This vase full of dried roses seemed like a perfect romantic look to go with it.   Since Valentine's Day is approaching I figured why not add a touch of romance!

So there you have it- my Red Dried Roses for a Blue Lady!

If you don't know this song you can click on this and listen to it.  There are lots of versions of it on YouTube.  

Between Naps on the Porch

January 27, 2016

Purging Through The Winter

Boy I have got a steam roller going through my house!  Well maybe a broom but just the same I'm happy with the things I've been doing.

Last weekend while I watched the tv showing all the stuff going on over on the east coast I decided to go through my napkins.  I sorted them by color and theme.

I got the idea from Pam over at DIY Design Fanatic .  She was organizing her storage in a chest drawer and turned her napkins on their side.  

I knew that's just what I needed to do.  I have mine stored in these plastic tubs (with lids) but they were stacked on top of each other and it was a lot harder to pick out the napkins.  I let go of several of them too since I own way too many of them now!  There are more containers than I've showed.

On Saturday during the storm out east we were granted a gorgeous day here in northern Michigan with blue skies and sun!   It was warmish (above 32) and everybody was out and about enjoying it.  

Seeing our driveway is special to us this time of year!  I cleaned off the hand rails, steps and the side deck which had about 20" of snow and enjoyed the fresh air.  The next day I was stiff but it reminded me what I had done so I was happy with that!

Next I got real serious and went through my extra deco items and made two piles- one to get rid of and one to go back into storage.  I tore apart my hall closet started staging things on the shelves.  A couple of years ago I organized the basement.  We got all new shelving and lots of plastic tubs.  As seen "here".  Only problem was remembering what was there  and I was not happy having to go down to the basement to rummage through it all.  

Now this might not look too impressive but at least my deco stuff is up here and I can get to to easily.  I got rid of at least 50% of what I had so I'm tickled about that.   The shelf with the green baskets is holding cleaning items and vacuum bags, etc.  I need to pull the containers out and thin it down too or at least organize them again.   It's still a work in progress.  We gave this closet a bit of a makeover as seen "here" a couple of years ago.  I changed up what was on the shelves more than once but at this point I'm planning to stick with it this way. 

I have a few more things to sort but essentially I've accomplished what I wanted.  Now I have a bunch of empty containers to take back down to the storage area.  Somehow I have a feeling they'll get filled up again!

So onward purging through the winter I go!

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