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January 13, 2017

In The Blue On The Plate Rack

Like a lot of us after the red and green holiday decorating got put away I'm in the mood for blue again.  

While rummaging through my dish stash I found these dishes I forgot I had.  I ordered them from Bombay.  They sparked an idea to go for an Asian influence design on the plate rack and etagere.  I decided I needed a teapot to complete the look and it took a week to get so I was slowed down on presenting this until now.  

 I decided to elevate the teapot on the little cake pedestal to give it more presence.  More on the teapot later.

 I turned each bowl to show the two main patterns on the bowls.  I decided to create a organize repetitive display using the plain white napkins and apples for a pop of color.

I had to include this cute pair of birds that Michele from The Nest at Finch Rest sent me last year.  She loves tea and also sent me some tea and a hand made card along with the birds.  

 I paired the salad plates with my Ralph Lauren Mandarin blue dinner plates.

I love the dragon design in the center of the plate.

 On the etagere I placed my white elephant statue on the top shelf.   I had the cobalt blue stemmed wine glasses and the Ralph Lauren Mandarin Blue candle holder.  Like most of us I have found the RL pieces at Home Goods and T.J. Maxx

 I found this a couple of years ago at a little boutique shop.  It's designed to hold a candle on top but I did't have enough room in this setting.  I might add some greenery to it but I have to find the right look.

 The cups were part of the same set from Bombay and I ordered the white elephant tea pot from World Market.  I looked on line at several places and also found it on E-bay and Amazon.  

 I had the red chargers found at Pier 1 a few years back.  I thought they'd make a good accent for my asian influenced display.

I've had this green lantern for a while and forget to use it.  I makes me think of a chinese lantern.  I'm considering painting it.  Perhaps in red but we'll see.  Maybe a sponged on application would be best.

 I could have added more design elements to this but I was satisfied that I achieved the overall look I was going for.  My only new investment was the teapot.

I'm enjoying this new look especially since it's quite a departure from my anything I've done before.


January 6, 2017

Reclaiming the living space after the holidays!

I finally got all the Christmas deco put away.  I always use the dining table to stage things and help me get organized (with a padding on top of course) so it was nice to see it freed up once again! The day after Christmas I found these new finials and the deco ball back in my hometown before we headed home.  I intended to make an arrangement on the coffee table but they just didn't look good there so I gave them a home on the dining table!  They look so much better here especially with the fabric table runner.  I had the birds and decided they fit in too.

As soon as the plastic tubs were all put away I got the vacuum out and decided to move some of the furniture around.  As you can see I use those furniture movers and it makes the whole process so much easier.  

This etagere in the corner got a bit of a makeover this time too.

I emptied it and played around with different things even the new finials, but that was a big flop!

I wanted to see some more color on it so I decided on a fern and my cast iron urn.  I removed a few of the items that had been there a while and added family pictures along with a few other things. It's been the same way since I got it 3 years ago so it was due for a new look!

I mentioned a while back that I had a picture to hang above the tv.  It's not in keeping with the room's general decorating but it's important to me to display it since Dan's sister had created it.   I did a post about how her picture was among 250 pictures that were submitted and also ended up in a book called The Art of Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Please visit this link to see the full story "here". 

We had it custom framed last year but I couldn't decide on where to hang it.  After we moved the tv to this wall I finally saw a spot for it. 

This is pretty much the same as before. 

This area got a little updating.  I just like to move my deco items around to new spots and see it from a different point of view! 

It's been bitter cold here 7 deg. this morning but the sun came out briefly in the afternoon which psychologically makes it seem so much warmer! 

I brought my "plum" colored pillows back out and will enjoy them until spring I imagine!

I put the game table at the end of the sofa near the wall which I haven't done before.  A few things from the etagere ended up on the top and I like it! 

A panoramic view of the room. 

Next up is the kitchen dining area!

December 28, 2016

Holiday Fun and Slowing Down!

A while back I planted three amaryllis bulbs called Barbados.  
As Christmas drew near they were nearly open but I had to leave to go be with family so I crossed my fingers that they'd be open when I returned!

We went to my sister's on Christmas Eve and had a great dinner with plenty of food to choose from!
Our daughter Chelsea on the right and Jen's daughter in the rear being silly. 

Jen lives in a townhouse and the entry has a tall set of stairs with these graduated open stair shelves. This year she decided to do a different theme on each shelf. 

She made this manger out of cardboard.  Used markers to stain it and create a wood looking finish.  They found the nativity pieces at Kirklands. 

A woodland scene... 

Santa and his elves!  It was cute to walk up the steps and check out each level! 

After opening gifts the younger cousins and sister in-laws posed with ribbons from their packages. 
These kind of pictures will be fun to look back at when they're older! 

Our gift to our Grandson was this Labradoodle rocking toy.  It'll be a while before he can use it but it will be cute for the nursery in the meantime!

Christmas Day I prepped my mother's dining table with linens and dishes I brought.  New carpet had been laid just days before and the house was tore apart too much so there was no Christmas decorating this year.  I figured I'd bring in my own festive look! 

Our daughter in-law is Italian.  Her mother figured out how to do a three way conversation with Facebook chat and she was on the phone with her family in Pennsylvania and Italy when I took this picture.  Our grandson is 3 mos. old now and very alert!

I prepared the food throughout the day and we ate around 6 o'clock.  I snapped a quick shot before we were seated.  

Later on he was was tuckered out and sleeping in his his dad's arms.

Monday morning we met the kids at a local restaurant for breakfast and visited a good while before we had to say our goodbyes.  We live a good distance apart so we try to get in as many moments as possible!  Our grandson had just been fed and he eventually conked out!  He's such a sweet baby! 

We got home Monday evening and I was so happy to see the amaryllis flowers opened up!  I was snapping pictures as soon as we were in.  I feel lucky that it timed out so nicely.  It doesn't always go this way when you plant them! 

I have to say this is the prettiest one I've ever grown!  I have three more stems coming up so I'll be enjoying these for a while!

I'm glad to be back home and will continue to enjoy the holiday decorations until the New Year!  It feels good to slow down and just enjoy everything.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and I want to wish everyone a 
Very Happy New Year!

Between Naps On The Porch
Tablescape Thursday 

December 18, 2016

My Christmas Wrapped Up

I did my own holiday blog tour in a series of multiple posts.
I'm posting pictures from each one and link in case you haven't visited them yet.

This week I'm going to catch up on things like wrapping gifts and final preparations for  
Christmas with the family.
I'll visit more of you through the week in my down time. 
Thank you for your visits and kind comments.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!


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