Monday, July 6, 2015

Holiday Weekend Came and Went too Fast!

Ahh it was over too fast.

I got the table clean and cushions all put out.  Since we're alone so much we usually only put out a couple of cushions- this looks much better!  We had perfect mid to upper 70's weather, dry and no rain.

I wanted to share with you about this new votive candle ring for umbrellas that I discovered at Pier 1 Imports.  They carry it in brass at the store but it's also available in white from their web site.  I liked it a lot better and the gal ordered it from the store and I got free shipping!

It can be added or taken away so easily because of the hinge and latch assembly. Smart!

Our daughter was on her way up to visit on Friday morning.  I sent Dan off for a couple of extra groceries and to get some strawberries from a local farm stand.  Boy these were/are incredible!  I froze up 5 quarts and we ate one! The smell was amazing!

 I spent a little too much time in the kitchen but we had plenty of food to munch on so that was good!  I made potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, a peach dump cake and apple pie!  Dan grilled, hot dogs, burgers and chicken.

It was good!  

We had an impromptu visit from the neighbors which was great!
 My daughter Chelsea on the left, her friend Britt on the right and boyfriend Matt.  Britt's father Tom in the white and hubby on the left in blue.  Britt's Mom and I sat in the other two chairs and caught up on stuff!

Our area is well known for it's tart cherry production and they have the National Cherry Festival each year around the July 4th holiday time.  The US Air Force Thunderbirds were part of the air show put on Saturday and Sunday.  What's real fun is when they fly off to return from one of their performances they go over our area several times.  It's very exciting to hear the loud thunderous sound they make!  Sweet cherries have just started coming in and they sell them by the cup full for people to enjoy while walking around.  

There was a antique car show on Sunday afternoon.  My daughter was invited to sit in the dark red one (above in the other collage) called the Mainline by Ford.  You can just see her sitting behind the steering wheel!

It came and went too fast.  
Teddy was thrilled because we had the windows opened.   The evenings cooled into the 60's and felt wonderful at night.

I feel fulfilled but sad that's it's over- I guess that's how it goes when you have a good time!

I hope you all had a good weekend too!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

God Bless America-Happy 4th Everyone!

With recent rainy weather and gray skies I decided to prepare my tablescape indoors but plan to move it outside for the 4th.  

I reused the floral arrangement from last week's tablescape.  I centered it and then surrounded it with some hydrangeas.  The placemats are from last year. 

Last week's arrangement

 The white lanterns were on discount from Sur La Table. They hold a tea light in the bottom. 

These cute votive buckets also came from Sur La Table. 
I added a little ribbon on the sides.

I used two runners. The stars and stripes runner is connected with buttons so I put it across from side to side but removed the two end ones and then placed them on top of the navy blue runner. I used the runner last year as seen on the post "here". 

Early evening shot when the sun comes through briefly.  
I don't get a lot of natural light in this area.

Same dishes as last week.

I had planned to tie these outside under the umbrella- we'll see how the weather is by Saturday.

Wishing you all a very Happy and safe 4th of July!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Little 'Ole Red Wagon

I really stepped out of my comfort zone and bought this little red wagon the other day.
Sorry about the quality, I used my cell phone to take pictures as I went along here.

I could tell by the look of the wheels it was an oldie!  She's pretty rusty but still has good bones.  I see bloggers doing cute things with old items like this and I started thinking of how I could use it.  I figured I would add it to my backyard garden area.

It still pulls very nicely and given the heavy denting along the front edge where the handle lands I can tell it's had a lot of hours put on it.  Perhaps some young boy pulled it around a neighborhood with newspapers in it and or raced it with his buddies! 

In was determined to plant something in it and my head went spinning as to how I could do it.  I didn't want to cause it to rust out too much faster so my first I thought was to line it with plastic to protect the bottom but that could also trap moisture.  Then I got the idea of putting potted plants in there.

I made a trip to a favorite garden center and came across these zinc planters.  They're very modern in design but their depth and overall size told me they were just what I wanted.  I still have a big bale of pine mulch I stored in the garage so I decided to create a thick bed (which should help keep the bottom from staying too wet).  

I added a little piece of landscape fabric over the drain holes which helps keep the dirt from seeping out the bottom.

I filled the planters up with some potting soil and then added some pelleted slow release fertilizer. 

I picked up some I ivy, begonias and impatiens.  Once they fill out the edges of the planters will disappear and I think the effect will be great! 

I don't want to paint it because I felt it's authenticity is part of the character.  I did some research and it would appear that it's from the 1930's or 1940's.  

 This morning I sat outside in the cool morning air sipping coffee and waiting to see the sun shine through.
 The woods were echoing with birds singing.  It's a special time and I love it!

I used my regular camera to get better color and detail.

I'm anxious to see the plants spread out and fill in!

I recently moved my arbor to this same back area that the wagon is now and I used my planters that I brought back from Pennsylvania a few years ago to hang there.  I added wandering jew, and more of the begonias and impatiens.  I hope the wandering jew spreads out quickly!

I took some more pictures in the evening while the sun is setting and shines briefly in the back.   I thought I'd also leave the hoop handle watering can out there too.  It adds a little more "gardening" character to the scene!

Stop by my garden blog and follow along with my garden as it progresses.
You can visit by clicking "here"!
Thank you!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

4th of July Dining Indoors

Since I've already done a little decorating for the 4th I had to do a tablescape too!
I assembled this arrangement using a large mason jar that I got at Michael's.  

We're enjoying some very pleasant summer weather.  The long range forecast shows a chance of rain on the 4th could so we may end up indoors eating.  I'm all set either way!

On our trip to Portland I had a chance to visit the Sur La Table store.  I fell in love with their linens and melamine dishes. These melamine dishes are hefty and so much nicer than the usual super lightweight ones.  I love that they are a mix of patriotic and nautical!

The placemats were called "handkerchief placemats".   I decided to fold the napkins like a handkerchief for a man's front pocket.

I mixed three different sets of flatware to create more red, white and blue!  The little milky white salt and pepper shakers are also from Sur La Table.  All of it's on sale in case you are interested.

The tablecloth is a lightweight washed denim.  I put it through the washer and dryer and it came out very nicely.

I scrunched the ends of the tablecloth together with some ribbon.
It's a bit large 70" x 70" for this table.  I really bought it for the outside table which I'll be doing another tablescape on.

 I had a couple of photo bombers while taking pictures. 
 Mya is/was my daughter's cat.  She's soon to be 14 and loves to sit here in the sun.  You can see her tail in the picture above and another one further up.  She has the most beautiful blue eyes but the sun was causing her to keep them closed down.  She is a Birman- all 4 paws are white and soft as can be.

Teddy can't leave me alone when I'm busy! 

Ready for the 4th!

Melamine Plates from Sur La Table
Placemats and Tablecloth from Sur La Table
Red Gingham napkins from Pier 1
Blue and White flatware from Horchow
Swirl Stemware from Younker's several years ago (Pier 1 has some very similar)
Silk florals and ribbon from Michael's 

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