Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Dining

 I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me, 
though he were dead, yet shall he live
John 11:25

I was looking for a cross and after bringing out my little Lenox Easter tree I was prompted to check out what Lenox offered that might go with it.  I liked how this cross was designed and I ended up finding mine on Ebay. The bas-relief daisy votive holders are from the Lenox outlet a few years ago.

I like how they look with a candle burning in them.

I chose the mirrors for "reflection"

 Each egg has a family member's name on them.

Topping the stack are the bunny egg shaped dishes new from Pier 1 this year. 
I wanted to use our fine china set by Noritake called Yoshino.  When I first found these dishes I was smitten with them because of the springlike colors.  We selected them for our 30th Wedding anniversary- Today is our 36th!

 I layered two chargers. This allowed pops of green to show and help separate the white from the tablecloth. 

 These votives are from Pier 1.
I chose to use them as egg holders

The blue and green stemware draws your eyes up and offers a nice layer of color.  I'm happy they go well with the china.  The pops of color offered by the votives holding the eggs added some traditional Easter coloring.  The gold flatware of course to go with the dishes.

 Wishing you a blessed Easter

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Blue Bird Landed!

This little blue bird will be joining us for lunch today!

 I dressed up the cage a bit with some wired vine like material to outside.

I used a vine wreath/candle ring with leaves and berries at the base of the candle holder, along with some green excelsior to give the cage a bit of a woodland look.

She's a little plump for the nest but we won't tell her!

The sweet little bird plates have been with me a couple of years from Macys.
Underneath are the plates from Cracker Barrel that I've used before  
(which have no name on them) to add a little texture along with the rattan mats.

I folded the napkins into a triangle, rolled them and tied them loosely around the stem of the glass.  I chose them because they pulled on all the colors of the table.

San Remo Flatware in white and the stemware is
called Bahia by Bormioli Rocco

 Such a pretty glass
I found two at T.J. Maxx (a couple of years ago) but they never got anymore so I ended up ordering more on the internet.  This "link" is how I bought them.

I try to get pictures when the sun is shining in.

I liked that both these plates have an wavy edge which helped them look
good together.

Those of you who follow me will notice the snow has melted back on my deck
and the garage roof is now clear! Hooray!

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Little Easter Decorating

I've been doing a little bit of Easter decorating
 Last year my sister made an egg for each of me and my sisters.  I believe she used a decorative tissue paper sheet on mine- and mod podge.  I was looking at it and figured it would look good out on the mantel and then I decided to bring my lamb figurines from the china cabinet out too.

I think they have sweet faces.

I staged it on a little faux nest but needed help keeping it upright so I used some excelsior to help it.  

I found this extra large paper egg that was made just like the one I've had since I was a child.  They are made in Germany.  (Notice the photo bomber- my cat Riley)

They come apart in two pieces so you can fill them with some goodies like candy and or a stuffed bunny etc.  It would take the place of an Easter basket.  I used the metal bowl that sits on the coffee table all the time, filled it with the Easter grass, tossed a few eggs around-  simple but enough!

This little paper egg is the one from my childhood.  It was filled with jelly beans and I still remember being so excited about it! 

I put together this little vignette on the corner table by the door.  I set the garden cart on two of those faux grass mats- actually this one is boxwood. Notice the silly chick with rabbit ears (Pier 1 this year) I do go for the traditional Easter colors- I love it especially at this time of year.  After a long winter I'm ready for happy colors!

 I added some mini daffodils to it so it would look like a field with flowers popping out.  The garden cart was from Cracker Barrel last year. I added some shredded green paper along the edges of the mat so it would conceal the framework of the mats.

 The bunnies were from last year (T.J. Maxx). I stuffed some little violas in the basket that already had some carrots.

In the corner by the kitchen table I stuffed a bunch of  flowers in this metal container and I set a basket of eggs in the salt glazed bowl down below. I didn't make much effort on the bottom.

This chubby bunny sits on top of the flowers with her own stock of carrots to keep her happy.  She's really been enjoying herself!  
The tin is part of a 3 pc group I got from Tina at The Enchanted Home from her Steals and Deals section of her shop.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sunday Breakfast and Dinner!

I used my recent floral arrangement to be a sort of backdrop to my 
Sunday Breakfast Table

 A little Hen from Hobby Lobby sits perched
on a square granite trivet.

A serving platter with the all the breakfast food items will be served up and take the place of the rooster. 
Some good old basics here, coffee cups, juice glasses, the everyday dishes and flatware, Pier 1 Chargers and cloth napkins. 

Breakfast for the two of us-
Simple, easy and casual!

For dinner we also enjoyed a roast beef dinner I made that day
I took an impromptu snap of my plate with my iPhone.  Forgot to 
pour some gravy on it before I took the picture which always makes it
 look more yummy!
I also made a homemade cake that I got the recipe from "At Home With Jemma" you can click here for it. 
 It is a recipe from her Grandmother called Vanilla Cake with Cocoa Frosting and I have to tell you it is delicious!  I don't make many from scratch recipes but this was easy and delicious and I will be making it again!
I use a extra deep 9" pan and make the whole cake at once.  I have to extend the baking time to do it. I lightly cover it with foil once it shows sign of light browning and bake it for about 20 more minutes than normal.
It has a springy texture yet it had weight to it and a delightful flavor! 

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