Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Reunion and a Recipe

Over the past weekend I traveled down to see the family and attend a family reunion on my Mother's side. 
 The night before I prepared this Seven Layer Salad.  (It's more of a 7 ingredient salad) I've had the recipe since the 90's and it's always gone over real well whenever I take it to a party.  This is the "recipe" if you want you can print it.  I went to a place that supplies restaurants and bought this large aluminum pan so I wouldn't have to transport anything back home.

I have to apologize for using my cell phone- I forgot to bring my camera.  Pictures are okay but not great.
 My cousin and his wife created their own backyard mini theme park.  They built the pond themselves and have a water slide, trampoline, paddle boats, various areas to sit and lots of garden accents.  It's nice in the evenings to hang out but this year we couldn't stay late.  They've also got music playing through outdoor speakers, a changing area and bathroom.  There used to be a lot more shade but they've lost a bunch Ash trees because of the emerald ash borer that's plaguing trees throughout Michigan and other sates.  There was a chance of rain but it just went over us so we didn't have sunshine but it was in the low 80's and humid.

Although I never got a picture with everyone in it I believe we had about 35 people there.  I think about 10 were missing. 

We took the opportunity to have cake and sing Happy Birthday to my mom who's turning 92 in a few days.  
I even brought my insulated cup I won from the blogger Ron at the Uptown Acorn! 
As you can see we enjoyed a variety of food!  This was a two rounder since you couldn't try out everything you wanted with just one plate!

 You can see the long table with everyone's dishes that they brought.  
That's my cousin Ron (the host) in the center, his brother and a niece.  Usually we're outside with tables spread around the lawn but because of the threat of rain we were under a covered pavilion area. 

My mom and my 3 sisters (It was not a good hair day- high humidity!)  
I'm the one in pink.

So that was my (500 mile round trip) weekend and I've been trying to catch up ever since!


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Friday, July 25, 2014

This Week's Ramblings #6

I kept myself a bit busy this week with a few posts. I also had to get my head in gear for a family reunion party on Saturday and prepare to head out of town for a couple of days. 

 On Sunday I put together a quick post about some super easy cookies I made using a cake box mix as seen "here"  Excellent quick way to make delicious cookies- especially convenient and very little ingredients needed!

On Monday I posted once again about some decorating I did with the fireplace mantel.  I didn't expect to make such a quick change from the week before but it happens!
 You can see that "here"

On Thursday I put together a quick post about my kitchen window which I called "Windowscaping"  as seen "here"

Friday I focused on the groceries I needed and the family party I was going to on Saturday.
I hope your weekend was great!


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Thursday, July 24, 2014


I've mentioned a few times recently that I've been sorting and organizing the storage area in the basement.  I go down there to work and a few hours can pass without any effort.  It's mostly stuff I have to make a decision on and I've been trying to do it on my own.
This is the kind of stuff I've been moving around.  I'm not the physical dynamo I used to be so I go at all of this with much less speed!  I'm just glad to be getting it done.

I didn't have time to do a tablescape this week so I snapped some shots of my "windowscape" in the kitchen!
 I was out watering plants the other day and I accidentally snapped off this pretty hydrangea flower with my hose so I took it inside to put it in water.

  I quickly searched for something and spotted this sugar bowl and laid it in there.

This sugar bowl was part of a set from the mother of a friend.

Ruth was a kind and enthusiastic woman that anyone would like and I always admired her.  I found this hiding in the back of a cupboard that I had sorted out in the kitchen over the past weekend.  Some of this sorting has turned up some surprises so I'm glad I've been doing it!

These are my Endless Summer Hydrangeas where it came from.  It was still a bit overcast  when I took the picture since it had rained overnight. 
(The red piece is a whimsical rain gauge)

This is my window box outside the kitchen. The Browallia (purple plant) has been slow to bloom but it's finally showing it's color.  The sweet potato vine is getting large and tends to overwhelm the other plants.  I love the colors of summer!  Those little orange begonias make me happy!

Might as well have something enjoyable to look at inside and out- right? 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Morphed Mantel

Another small change in the living room. 

 I made a small change to my wire bowl candle display on the coffee table.  I was in Pier 1 Imports and saw the beach glass with the reddish/gold accents and grabbed it up because it was just what I wanted to go with the colors in my room.  I changed the candles to update the look too.  
 The rusty red candle and beach glass go perfectly with my pillow accents.

I've been on a quest to organize some storage areas of mine and I ran across this brown glass candlestick that I bought during the holiday season a couple of years ago.  I decided to see if I could use it on the mantel.  I propped one of the deco spheres on top of it and

I started messing with the faux book boxes and the covered marble dish and it finally dawned on me to stand the books up on end instead of stacking them like I had been.

I think an oval tray would be nice under the candlestick with the spheres so I'll be hunting for one of those now!

Morphed mantel!

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