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August 17, 2011

Country Morning Breaksfast

We have some of the most beautiful summer weather here up in northern Michigan. I wish I could share how good the air smells here.  At this time of year the mornings are often dewy but it soon dries off and the temperatures reach a comfortable 65 to 70 by noon.  Our highest temperature lately has been around 82 with little humidity. Just perfect!
We sat down on this beautiful country morning and had a hearty breakfast before we took off for a Sunday drive in the country. 
These are my favorite dishes for breakfast.  They are called Daybreak by Pfaltzgraff.   I was looking for something with a rooster on it, and I was drawn to these because of their details like the floral banded edge and the soft green and yellow striping on the accent plates!
(I got these a year ago and they seem to be a retired pattern now with only a few pieces left)
This rooster pitcher is from the Napoli group by Pfaltzgraff.
I thought he was so cute I had to have it to go with these dishes.
I veered off the track and ordered these salt and pepper 
shakers from Pfaltgraff's Pistoulet group.  
I opted for these rather than the rooster salt and pepper 
shakers that matched the set- I thought
these were cute and cheerful!
They also offered glasses with the rooster etched on them 
so of course I had to have them! 
(They are presently on a good sale too!)
My everyday stainless flatware was used...it's by
Lenox/Kurt Stieff, called Monticello Thomas Jefferson. 
It's a design from the Thomas Jefferson foundation.  
(The way I remember the information I read when I selected these was that Thomas Jefferson commissioned things like silverware to be made to a design he specified and this was one of the patterns.)
I love the pistol grip handle, it's weighted nicely and fits comfortably in your hand with no pointy edges.
These chargers are from Pier 1 Imports

I  put together some flowers from my garden in this 
flower embossed bottle from Pottery Barn. 
I also included my faux potted sunflower from Pottery 
barn that I set on a candle holder since this was 
breakfast and we didn't need candlelight!

For our breakfast,
we had some mixed fruit served in the bowls, ham and cheese omelets, pancakes with local maple syrup, coffee and orange juice!
After breakfast we went for a country drive and saw fields of sunflowers,  and some fresh picked corn and cucumbers at the road stands.  It was a beautiful day especially after the rainy days we had just gone through and it was good to see the sun shining again!

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August 14, 2011

Come and meeet Betty Lou!

When I saw this posting on Harverford House I had to share her recent posting. She created her own home made dress form- and I thought it was so adorable I'm featuring it on my blog and invite you to visit her!  She's a very creative person and I think this is an inspirational DIY project!
Click on the link and it will take you to her blog!

August 9, 2011


 I just came back from a weekend of visiting with my Mom and to celebrate her 89th birthday! My three other sister's and I wanted to celebrate her birthay as we realize each year becomes more and more precious.
Early in the day I  started to set up the table for the birthday party.
 We had chicken, grape salad, potato salad, baked beans, chips, deviled eggs and punch! I joked that it was an "all" cholesterol meal!
 My sister Jen made the cake and lit the candles!
 Mom took a minute to stare and enjoy!
It took her about 5 times to get them all blown out!
Everybody dove in and enjoyed cake and ice cream.  Jen made the top half Lemon Supreme and the bottom half Orange Supreme! It was very tasty!
These are plates I had made up by Hallmark on their website (click on the Hallmark) and it will take you to the web page.  You select the design you want and add your photo. You can adjust the position of the photo and you can choose to add your own greeting!  There are tons of designs!  She was so surprised when she saw these!  We saved a few before they got used!
20 years from now we will enjoy these pictures even more.
Mom and her baby sister Virginia...she is in her mid 80's.  
Treasured moments!
 She opened a few gifts later on and seemed quite happy with it all!
 A smile at the end of the day, that's what counted!
Dan and I found this vase at a local gallery
called The Twisted Fish  There is a wealth
of wonderful handmade art there.  When my
wallet is fatter I'm going back!
Celebrate with those you love, take that extra minute to give attention to your aging family members.  You never know when their time will be up. 
Thanks for stopping by!
I love your comments!

August 1, 2011

DIY Runs in the Family!

Please come on over to my gardening blog and see 
my new posting!

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