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November 30, 2011

Ti's the Season!

 Ti's the season for sure!
I've only begun to think about my holiday decorating, no tree up or mantel decorated just yet!
I decided to have a little fun with these
seasonal plates.
Since this will be just a casual meal I chose my Fleur-de-lis black and white checked tablecloth.
My red rick rack trimmed black and white mini checkered napkins 
came in to play too!
What's that? 
Polka dots??
Well, I did say I wanted to have 
some fun!
These chargers from Pier 1 Imports work
out so well for many different themes.
Today they remind me of the snow blowing and whirling around!
These red dishes have just the right
coloring (my kind of red!)
I thought these were sweet when I saw
them at T.J. Maxx and had to have them!
The polka dot plates have been waiting
around for something to do, so today
I put them into action!
I topped it all off with a coffee mug and a peppermint stick to stir into the coffee!
These red flatware pieces are from
Williams Sonoma (on sale) ya have to keep an eye on them for their sales! I think they will get used a lot for various settings!
 I went into my Christmas stockpile of
deco stuff and dug out a few pieces
 The red velvet floral ball was from Pottery Barn a few years ago...one of my favorites still!
The mercury pieces were more finds from T.J. Maxx- the ornament on top was one I found at a specialty gift shop last year in PA while visiting our son.
These little stars were from Pottery Barn
last year- I love their cute sparkly look!
 Ooh, I almost forgot the wine!
A little Pinot Noir to enjoy!
All set for dinner! 
Now here's the kicker!
It's take home tonight!
Yep...and I don't have to cook!  
This turned out to be fun and even though the black and white doesn't exactly coordinate with my decor, 
I love it!
 Now where's the dinner!  

Chargers from Pier 1 Imports
Red Plates from Dillards-  Waechtersbach- Candy Apple
Red Ti's the Season plates by Pottery by Santa
Black and White Polka Dot plates by Terramoto
Red flatware from Williams Sonoma called Pantry Flatware
Napkins by Park Designs
Stemware by Mikasa- French Countryside Ruby (ribbed)
Crystal glasses by Ralph Lauren- Ashton
Tablecloth by Primitive Artisan from India
I'm joining Susan @  

November 29, 2011

Winter Gardening and Holiday Decorating Ideas

Some of you know I'm a bit of a gardening
I can't leave well enough alone! 
While downstate visiting the family
I went to a garden center with the most fabulous
 plants this called Bordines, 
in Rochester Hills, Michigan my home town.
I picked up a couple of small plants
for my windowsill.
 My kitchen window will serve as my
winter Garden
My Baby Tears on the left brought in from
this summer and given a hair cut!
Two Amaryllis, one Christmas Cactus
and one Cyclamen
  Christmas Cactus
 And my Amaryllis that are growing!
Maybe there is hope for it to bloom
by Christmas...they do move fast 
once they get going!

While visiting at Bordines I went in one
of the greenhouses that had natural
wreaths, baskets and planters
 on display and the aroma was 
 Hanging baskets of boughs, pine cones
and ribbon
 Maybe you'll be inspired by these
hanging baskets and planters.
 They told me if you spray "wilt-pruf" on the
greens and mist them they will last longer.
Of course if you have snow that will
do too!
 These are big- probably 4 to 5 ft.
tall with the sticks.
 They have them in peat containers
obviously you could dress that up
or set it in another pot
(There is no dirt inside- just fresh
cut boughs set inside)
Many variations of greens are used.
 Their natural wreaths were all beautiful

I think if you scratch and sniff 
the screen you can smell these!

 See the Protea or Proteas flowers? 
A little Hawaiian influence!
 I like the different greens they used
My favorite one
 They hold classes and showed
people how to make these
ribbon wreaths
 A couple of samples of ribbon
Wish I knew how they did this! I got these
pictures from their Facebook page.
Perhaps if you go to Pinterest there
will be some pictures and tutorials.
I would love to attend something like this 
if I lived a couple hundred miles

November 28, 2011

Losing things!

Early last week I discovered my battery charger 
seems to be lost.  
After many attempts to find it I ended up ordering a
"used one" on the internet (saved about half).  
Lucky me my husband is an electronic
guru and he rigged up a charging device
to get my battery back in action until
my new/used charger comes!

 See the battery in there with the red thingy's
attached.... well they were all being metered-
 by these fancy do-dads to know when he reached
the voltage limit
It's all a big mystery to me, but I am grateful
he knows how to do such things!
Now- I did say losing "things"!  I've also lost 
the left shoe of my Easy Spirit Clogs that
looks like this!  Just in case you see a
blue shoe like this all by it's lonesome
you will know it belongs to me!
Call 1-800-Shoe-Liz
Seriously how do you lose a shoe
and a battery charger in
a week!
I know in my heart they will 
show up and I will laugh about it, 
but for now I'm just dumbfounded!!

November 23, 2011

Many Thanks

Many thanks to all of my new friends I've 
met through blog land!  
You've inspired me and lifted my spirits 
many times.  
Some people question me about my 
blogging and why I do it, but I can say 
it's given me, and I think a lof of you too, 
a lot to look forward to.
There is a sense of camaraderie and 
support amongst us which isn't always 
found in our day to day lives.  

Let's all keep the big wheel spinning
with our ideas and thoughts.

Swing on over to my dish blog if you 
have a minute!

I hope you all have a wonderful and
Happy Thanksgiving!


November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  
I'm creating this table up but I won't be able
to use it until I'm back from visiting family
for Thanksgiving.
I set the table with my new 
Ralph Lauren tablecloth (T.J. Maxx)
I loved the rich colors it offered.
I made an arrangement in the center
using two turkey statues perched
on wooden pedestals.  
A wicker cornucopia that I had from a few years back.
I fluffed it up with a few more pieces.
 Front and back views
I can lift these pieces off easily to set food on
the table.  
I found the placemats at Bed Bath and Beyond
and the chargers are from J.C.Penney
Chris Madden's Harvest Group
They look like carved wood but
I believe they are like a melamine material.
These rust colored dishes are from
Dillard's and they are made by
Noble Excellence and are called
Scroll, Terracotta
These leaves are from the same
Chris Madden, Harvest group
 The acorn is by Living Quarters from 
the Harvest collection at Younkers
I brought out these little candle votives
and set these cute little pumpkin
candles on top. I clustered them
with the glassware.
The amber glassware are recent
acquisitions from T.J. Maxx
I always love to see it with the candles lit!
 I love the ambiance that candlelight
creates. These are my new Casa
Cristina collection pieces.
So this will be my Thanksgiving table
(a few days after Thanksgiving)
We're having a couple of friends
over for an evening meal!

I hope your Thanksgiving will be full of great eating and
hopefully some cherished memories
with lots of love!
Happy Thanksgiving
On a special note I want to call out this posting by Yvonne @ Stonegable, please check it out and read her commentary about the holidays.  I'm with her on this one all the way and hope that we all take a minute to let these holidays breathe a bit more and enjoy them. We're not in a race- what's the rush?

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