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July 31, 2012

Christmas ideas......

I know, "Christmas"!!!
No I am not starting to decorate nor will I until December but....
While shopping at a local Hallmark store I saw this display that caught my attention. 
The use of the antique sled for a display with the village pieces was what got me..... I think it's a great idea. I snapped a shot of it with my cell phone so I'd remember it!  

 I'm inspired to use my large sleigh for this idea!

 This is what I did with it two years ago.  Now I'm visualizing village piece and trees all at different heights, lots of snow, etc.! 
I feel guilty not using my village pieces any more...at least this way I could incorporate some of them into a unique display!

Well I do have plenty of time to think about it!

I'm going to make a folder on my computer's desktop to save ideas like this in!

I also saw a neat idea for Halloween from Pottery Barn in a catalog. I know lots of you have these lanterns and could create a similar look! I supersized it so you can see some of the details...

(if you click it you can see the rest of the picture)!

Back to summer! 

July 29, 2012

Sunday Funny

Ok, so I'm at Cracker Barrel wandering around while the hubs paid for breakfast and I spotted this!  

 This cracked me up....they are called Tailgate Stemware!!  LOL... classy huh?

July 26, 2012

Midsummer highlights!

Hello all my blogging friends!
I've been dragging my feet lately but did manage to put a post together on my 
Come on over and say hello! 

That's pretty much all I've been up to!
Love to see you come by!

July 21, 2012

Margo's Kargo- Handbags

One of the gals I am friends with on Facebook has a talent for making handbags, wristlets and clutches. She's been doing it for some time now but recently decided to expand her audience with a page on Facebook called 
Margo's Kargo

I thought I'd give her a plug and show you some of her wares!
 This style and color is one of my favorites!
The shapes and sizes are varied.
This clutch matches the hand bag
I love all the colors in this! Truly a summer bag!
This nice wristlet can be handy for shopping when you don't want to carry a purse or hand bag.
This is a great sized tote! I know she made one for a lady to carry her Yorkie around with!

I used to do a lot sewing so I appreciate what goes into making these.  Obviously she has some good equipment to work with!  My sewing machine wouldn't ever be able to do this kind of work!
If you are a Facebook member, click on this link.... Margo's Korner ....
and ask to be in the group. 
Then you can view her bags and prices!
For now you have to deal directly with her to purchase, there is no charge or PayPal account just yet!

As always thanks for visiting!

July 16, 2012

Memorable Vacation and Visit

I've had a very enjoyable visit with our son, wife and her family. They traveled roughly 800 miles to visit with us!  We toured some small towns north of us and then Mackinac Island.

I started the day with a snapshot of my garden area near the fountain.  It was a beautiful morning and I was pleased my flowers had filled in so nicely.  It takes a while for the impatiens to bulk up.
I was about to get in the van and noticed the beautiful blue sky and how it was decorated with wispy clouds.
 Even the moon was still visible!

We ventured up to Leland which is about 25 miles from our home.

It's historical district known as Fishtown is always interesting to visit.

You can charter fishing trips and take a ferry over to South Manitou Island
where people like to hike and tour the uninhabited island.

~Glen Arbor and The Dunes~
We traveled to the Glen Arbor area and the Sleeping Bears Dunes National Park.  There is an area known as the Pierce Stocking Drive that we drove through and checked out the views and one of the dunes. 

This particular one has about a 450 ft. rise. They actually don't want anybody to go down it, but many do anyways.  Those are people trekking back up the dune....There is another set of dunes that are popular for people to climb up that are more friendly.

There are some overlooks that really get you out there and a chance to enjoy the beauty!

 Tom and Emily, my daughter-in-law's parents enjoying the sights

Some walkways to help you get around on the sand.

~Mackinac Island~
On Thursday we went to Mackinac Island.
We boarded a ferry to head over.  
That's my son Ryan, his wife Angela and her brother T.J. We sat on the top deck of the ferry.  You get the best view and less prone to seasickness!
That's my chubby mug and my husband Dan
(I hate pictures of me- reality bites!)

Once we got on the island we decided to head to the Fort Mackinac first because it's quite a climb to get  up there and we figured while we were fresh we'd do the hardest thing first!

This was about 1/3 rd of the way up... 
It's pretty steep and long!

 Looking down over the park area and the marina

Once inside the fort area it's another world. All the barracks and officers quarters are still there. 

A historical picture (circa 1890) showing this large soldiers barracks building.

My picture circa 2012!

Inside one of the officer's quarters

That's a good sized stove!

A shot through the fence of the fort.

 Our daughter Chelsea was with us too. She traveled from where she lives (about 2 1/2 hrs South of us) to join us for the trip!

Back down on the streets- This places was so charming I had to take pictures!

Isn't it the cutest! There are many more charming Inn's like this too. 

On the main street through town. One of the hotels, you can stay at.  

This is how you get things done on the island.  Roofing materials being transported.
~A special dinner~
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a place called "The Boathouse" and the food was not only awesome it was beautifully displayed!  The restaurant sits by Lake Michigan on the Peninsula and has a lovely view of the bay. We were celebrating the first wedding anniversary of our kids, which was July 2nd- and for all of us being together!
 One of the entree specials the restaurant was offering that evening with a fillet of sole
 One of the side dishes that was ordered- Macaroni and cheese with shrimp!
Filet Mignon with pureed parsnips, finely chopped mushrooms, and an onion ring on top!
A specially prepared lobster for our daughter.  All cracked opened & ready to eat!


Dan, Tom and Ryan went Parasaling 
 Up up and away!
They ascend to about 550 ft.
I'm not brave enough to try but they say it's very peaceful!
Just for fun they bring them down and let their feet touch the water.  
They are really good at controlling the riders and bringing them back on the boat.  It's a nice and smooth as they bring you back and you literally are brought in so carefully your feet touch the deck of the boat and then they finish securing you.

  ~The wind down~
 The last evening we prepared a home 
cooked dinner and relaxed.

We hung out on the patio 
 A crackling fire... always good for relaxing!

~Having to say good-bye~

 The morning they were leaving we met at our favorite spot called The Omelette Shop...
(that's how they spell it!)
Hated to say good-bye but grateful for the memories!

I know it was a long post, but I wanted to create a lasting memory of our visit!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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