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May 31, 2012

Have Fun- BeFunky

I have an iMac and I have a program that allows me to do some photo editing but it is a limited format.  I can't use the photo editing programs like "PhotoShop" because it's a "Windows" based program and isn't compatible to my iMac.
My friend Linda over at Life With Linda gave me this link called BeFunky.com that allows you to add some special affects and edit photos.  I thought I would show you some quick examples that you can do with it.  There are many options but I'm only showing a few.

 First up is the picture I started with.

 Then I cropped it and used their "Edit"
option and sharpened the image.

This one I used their "Text" option and put 
my blog name on the picture...there are 
various fonts to chose from as well as the 
color can be changed.

This one I used the "Impressionist 1" 
I like the artistic look it gives!

 This one is a "Featured Effects"
one called Sketchers that I 
added a paint option to.
It could use more refinement, but
you see how there are many options
to have fun with!

This is called "Underpainting"
and it's under the Featured Effects 
area too.  
 I added my name again and a 
"Basic Frame"
I adjusted the opacity of the frame
which makes it a bit "see through"
This is a tablescape Alycia did over
This is it's normal look 

 And this is one I played with!
As you can see you can get some real
special affects out of it. I think I used
the Impressionist one on this one.

 Lastly this one is using the Cartoonizer 2 
feature!  I think this is fun! 
I'm glad I learned about it!

Everything I did was free- There is an upgrade package, but I don't feel I need it.  If you create an account and log in you can save your pictures and come back to edit at any time. 
 Thanks for stopping by and 
let me know what you think.  
Have you ever used a photo
editing option?

May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hello everyone!
I've been busy working around my
 gardens and getting caught up 
with outside projects.
I haven't been posting much lately
because of it. In fact if you want to know
much about me you will find more on  
my garden blog than here!

When I was a kid they used to call the 
Iris's "flags" because they usually 
bloomed around Memorial weekend.

In the South after the civil war, the
women decorated the graves of loved
ones who lost their lives in battle.
This holiday was known as
"Decoration Day" for many years
but eventually became Memorial Day.

My Dad "1942-1946" 
                                        Air Force

Even though this holiday is reserved to 
honor and remember those loved ones
 who have died in our nation's
service, it has also become a time to 
remember those we have otherwise 
loved and lost.

Fortunately my Dad did not die during 
his military career, but I always think of 
him at this holiday and I am always 
proud to know he served our country 
during one of the most critical 
times of our U.S. history. 
 My brother-in-law who served in the Navy that we recently lost with my nephew Kenny who is also proudly serving in the U.S. Navy.

I hope you all have a memorable weekend!
Don't eat too much or work too hard!

Hang your flags proudly!

May 15, 2012

Birthday Party Fun

An adorable girl I know just celebrated 
her 8th birthday!
Her talented Mom put together a real cute 
party and I wanted to share some 
pictures from it!
This is Emma and her mom Julie

As her guests arrived this festive wreath
 greeted them at the door!

Coming up the stairs they were further 
greeted with a cute balloon arrangement- 
Does this say "Girl" or what!! I love it!

Custom designed take home bags with the 
initial of each guest!  How fun!

A couple of towers of red velvet cupcakes 
await them!  Love those fun cupcake
wrappers she found at Michaels!

 Adorable treats like these chocolate
dipped oreos too!

 Some healthier snack foods were included!

Emma and her Mom custom wrapped
water bottles and as you can see Emma
loves American Girl!  

I love how she used such a great variety
of colors and patterns to decorate with!
Isn't the flag banner a great touch!
Love the polka dot napkins and plates!
See the layered colored strands of beads in 
the tall cylinder vases topped
with pinwheels!  I love it!

Now the fun part! It rained
on the day of the party so they
struggled with how they were going
to have the pinata broken open inside
their home.  

 A brilliant idea came into play!
They poked holes and put twine 
through it.

They all grabbed a piece and
pulled at the same time to 
break it open!
What a great idea!  

Happy Birthday Emma!

Julie has a blog too and she graciously
allowed me to copy and post about
this party.   
Food Laughter and Happily Ever After

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May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and a Thank-you!

Happy Mother's Day Mom 


to all my friends in blogland! 

 (My Mom from last year-  She will be 90 this August)

Special Thanks once again to
Debbie @ Debbiedoos blog 
and FTD/Better Homes and Gardens for
the Mother's Day bouquet that I won.
I've had it sent directly to my Mom 
since I'm not going to be there
with her this year.

This is the one I selected- It's called the 
Fabled Beauty Bouquet.  
I knew the beautiful pink roses were something she'd love and the white calla lilies are stunning.  It comes with the vase and will be delivered directly to her from FTD today!

 Happy Mother's Day

May 5, 2012

Vignette Greeting

Hope you are having 
a great weekend!

Update to my post: I just found out I won an FTD Mother's Day floral arrangement from Debbie @ Debbiedoo's blog that I entered to win recently!  
I'm so thrilled!  As I told Debbie if I won I'd be sending 
these to my Mom for Mother's Day.  
She will be 90 this August!   
 Thank-you again Debbie, 
FTD and Better Homes and Gardens!

 My vignette on the half wall by the kitchen-
It greets us as we come in the back door! 
This is a new look for my half wall.

The two bottle candle are from 
Milkhouse Creamy 
and the top one is called "Barn Dance" 
Seemed to be a good fit!
I found my rooster in a closet. It
had been forgotten about so I 
resurrected it!  

 My tv is on an articulating arm and we swing it to see
it from the kitchen table or I turn it towards me when I'm 
cooking. I wish this counter was clutter free all the time, 
but it's a great landing spot for mail and everything else!

We will be working all weekend.  We 
rented a power washer to clean
our deck and garage floor.  We have to get 
ahead of the plants around the deck so
they aren't ruined with this activity.
All we need are a few warm days to get 
some staining done now!   

Tulips are blooming in Michigan!
 May is a beautiful time here!
The Lilacs and Crab Apples are
blooming too! 

 Hope your weekend is grand!
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May 2, 2012

Garden Inspired

I wanted to create a tablescape with a garden influence.  
If you know me, you know I love my backyard garden 
and at this time of the year you find me either working out there or dreaming about ideas I have for this years
flowers for my garden.
I have Endless Summer and 
Limelight Hydrangeas that I cut and dried
stems from last fall.  I wanted to use these
candelabras but I also wanted to embrace 
my love for flowers so i decided to snip 
some tops off and use them instead of candles!
To add to my garden inspired theme I used
some white geese, a watering can
and a faux green leaf lettuce or cabbage
piece (I can't decide what it is) I just liked 
it!  I sprinkled pieces of the hydrangeas on 
the tray. I took the lead from the panicles 
as they kept drifting down on the table 
while I was fussing with them on 
the candelabras!
 The vintage geese are holding fish in their
 mouths and the watering can is my first 
ever antique purchase (Circa 1930's) I 
found while on a road trip.  My goose 
napkin rings came in handy for this 
one too!
The dishes attracted me with their
 scroll design which makes me think of
 an iron gate, and their coloring
was perfect. 
It's a rainy gloomy day, but for 5 minutes 
the sun tried to get through and I captured 
a picture that shows the colors a bit better.
This tablecloth lends a casual feeling and 
with it's artichokes and overall color 
palette it was the perfect backdrop for my 
theme.  The flatware also has the 
fleur-de-lis design on it.
I pulled the pink in the tablecloth by using 
my fleur-de-lis glassware! 
 I hope you enjoyed my Garden Inspired
As always, thank-you for coming by!
I love to hear your comments!

I will be joining 
Cuisine Kathleen for
Let's Dish 
Between Naps On The Porch
Head on over and check out all the lovely
tablescapes that are submitted each week!

Dishes: Sugar Plum by Noble Excellence (Dillards)
Mikasa, Italian Countryside
Flatware, Baroque (Neiman Marcus)
Fleur-De-Lis Glassware (Horchow) 
Tablecloth-  Artichoke (One Kings Lane)
Candelabras- Casa Cristina Collection (furniture store)
White Charges- Pier 1 Imports
Woven Placemats from T.J. Maxx
Goose napkin rings (set of 4) from E-bay 

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