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June 21, 2012

Simple Things Mean A Lot To Me!

It's the simple things that mean a lot to me!

Seeing flowers come to bloom and catching a glimpse of my little girl statue....

Seeing the beauty of a rose up close.....

Finding a flower on the Sweet Potato Vine that I didn't even know produced flowers!

Looking at this cute fairy sitting in a pottery piece....

Admiring the flower of the Allium....

Little glimpses of my fairy garden....

Putting these pictures together in a cluster I never imagined....
The larger picture was a gift from my son several years ago.  It's from Charleston, S.C....it's called the White Points Garden gazebo and is used for weddings quite frequently these days! I guess it's right in the historic district.  I'll have to get there one of these days and see it in person!
The two pictures above are of some lavender fields set in a very French scene that I've had for a while.  I've been moving things around and these came together quite by accident!  The frames ended up working together nicely and both pictures have the lavender color in them!  

I'm sure you agree, it's the simple things that can turn out to mean the most!

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June 14, 2012

Flag Day and Potting Bench

While visiting the blog of  
Bab's @ Upstairs Downstairs 
and seeing her posting about her potting bench I was prompted to go ahead and show mine.  
See the lattice...yep I need that to make mine look a little cuter and to give it more clarity against my bland unfinished garage wall!
 Warning.. mine is not as cute and charming but I did get an idea to add to mine from hers.
I did warn you!! LOL.... I was going to go for a more muted look but when I went to the garage with paint samples I felt I needed something charged up with color!
 This past weekend Dan offered to paint the old bench for me.  It had been pale blue for years and was stained and marked up.  Of course I said yes!
 Didn't he do a great job! It's called "crushed berries" by Valspar from Lowe's.  I think we could safely call it "fuschia"
 Backing up to before he painted it, this is what it looked like.
Hopefully you can see some improvement here!
I even bought a vinyl runner to put on the newly painted surface so it won't get scratched and soiled as easily.  Our bird seed is kept in the metal containers that you see on the right.
I invested in some plastic containers to store the myriad of things I have which include parts for hoses, string, fertilizers, and craft/fairy garden related items!
The ring binder/book is my catalog of things I have in the garden and yard.  I find it safer to keep information on the plants and trees I've bought rather than relying on my swiss cheese brain!
 I was trying to arrange the shelf area in a sort of  country store look....the flags are in a mason jar that I set inside the pot.
The cocker spaniel was a gift some years ago when I still had a cocker spaniel.  My heart still aches a bit and I miss my little Dolly.   The picture set on the terracotta piece is one of a pair I printed and put in a couple of inexpensive frames.  One is of a potting bench and the other is of a shed with a wheel barrow 
called "Old Friend"
When I get the lattice up I will use it to hang these pictures...
 Some pieces I picked up at T.J. Maxx and still haven't given them a purpose.  They at empty inside and could be used for a plant, or candle I suppose!  I did stick on in there but that's as far as I got!

I have old garden art and new, sometimes I keep things out of sentiment...
It's not beautiful by any  means, but it's real functional and that's what I need.  Truthfully though I end up potting things outside because I have some rather large pots that I fill.  I put my dirt in a wheel barrow and move around to each spot to plant. 

I would love it if you stopped by my Garden blog- Sit With Me In My Garden
and paid a visit too! I just did a feature on a friend's garden that is amazing! 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great day on this beautiful summer like Flag Day!

June 6, 2012

Little/Big Bathroom Project

I think I'm quite batty! 
I've attempted to make this bathroom over 3 times in 2 years.  I am promising myself to quit after this at least for a couple of years!
(Yeah right!!)
This is the color it was. A terracotta tone. I wanted to try something very strong in color, but I got tired of it after a couple of years.

 This was before painting began in 2010.

 I chose a soft yellow (Eggnog by Pratt &  Lambert) to put in the room.  It's a nice color but I wasn't sure I liked it right off the bat- but I hated to re-do it.  So I forced myself to make it work. 
The following pictures are my first, 2nd and now third look! (It's only 5 ft. wide by just under 12 ft. deep- hard to take pictures of it)

 Ruby red was my initial color with the tapestry which I stole away and put in my living room. This wasn't all that bad but the decorative red shower curtain was getting spotted and once I took the tapestry away it lost it's luster.
Then I went to a deep rusted coloring which in person seemed to worked well with the yellow.  Something just wasn't right and I was never satisfied.

Now the rest of the story.....

I used my iPhone for a lot of the pictures so the quality will vary.  
Last weekend I asked for help to get my six pictures hung on the wall on the right.  
If I do it there will be 25 holes when I'm done....so I put my faith in Dan's hands. 
Next thing I know the bathroom is being pulled apart and he's decided to addresses the problem area with the tile that has been lurking around for a while.

So he starts by removing the grout, tapping off the tiles and re-doing this area.  The grout lines had cracked and were allowing water to travel downstairs to the other bathroom which ended up making a mess on the ceiling.   That will be another job to repair. 

Hours later he was piecing the puzzle back together. He has the bottom of the whirlpool tub opened up with a fan running (still running) to make sure all is dry underneath.

Now let's back up...
In April around our anniversary we took a drive up north of us to a cute little community called Petoskey.  I found this picture that started me on a new path for this bathroom.  
Then I was shopping on the One King's Lane web site and saw this 
"Fresco" shower curtain and the dots started connecting.

Terrible picture I know...I copied it from my account on their web-site and this was the only picture I could get.  
So I quickly come up with a plan to buy 3 of these and I decided I'm going to hang two on either side of the tub and cut one up to make a valance.
 I decided I wanted more than one picture, so I did some internet research and found the other 5 pictures to make my vision complete.  

While Dan was tearing my bathroom apart, I decided I better get my portion of this project up and running...
I wanted three pieces out of it and I had to find the same pattern. 

I seemed it together matching the pattern as best as I could
These scraps are all that are left.
I even made a pair of tie backs just in case!
The lighting was good this morning so I jumped in to take a few pictures.  The top rod with the valance has to be high enough to allow a person to get through without running into it.  The shower curtains aren't as long as the other window curtains I had used, so I had to keep that rod low enough to get as much length as I could.  When the light is strong like it was this morning you can see the rod through the valance fabric but it will have to do. I didn't have the desire to line the valance because I'd have to line the shower curtains.  My skills are limited in the sewing department.

My brass towel stand might get painted in the dark bronze finish to match the new knobs I put on last year or off white, and I'd like to paint the little laundry door to match the tiles.  
Hubs doesn't know of these thoughts just yet...gotta wait for another day on that one!  I can't afford to change the brass faucets so for now they stay.  I actually don't mind them but it seems the rest of the world has decided it's not as desirable these days!
You see the design that's on the accent tiles has a carved stone look.  The design on the shower curtains seemed quite perfect to go with the tile work and the botanical prints.  I'm a bit of a geek about flowers and gardening in case you've never visited my other "garden" blog...you can check it out here
So this is essentially what I visualized and it came out the way I wanted!
I think they call this block printing.  It's on one side not stitched throughout.
I still have to steam the curtain fabric, clean all the lights, get the bottom of the tub covered back up and put down my new rugs before it's really done but I thought I'd share my little/big bathroom project!

We both made lists this morning of all the little projects we want to do in the next few weeks!
His list was more about "fix it's" and mine was more about "clean/polish/organize"

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Thanks for stopping by and tell me what you think!

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