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November 29, 2012

Mantel and Living Room Christmas 2012

Finally- a sunlit day that allowed me to get some photo's with natural lighting!

I've rearranged the furniture once again- LOL- (those who know me know this is an ongoing thing with me!)
I staged the two wing back recliners and moved the big sofa over a bit. 

Ok, I'm a geek traditionalist! I'm pretty pleased this year with the mantel and since hubby walked in and reacted rather pleasantly I guess I got it right!

 I've used a combination of a garland with some soft green boughs slid in to build it up a bit. The red hurricane vases were from Kirkland's last year.

  I put fake snow in them with the greens and the striped stems that reminded me of porcupine quills. 

 I wanted a little more cabin/woodland accent this year so the huge pine cones seemed like a good choice!

Zooming in on the wreath I put together a couple of weeks ago.  Acorns, pine cones, berries and a rose accented ribbon fit my cabin/woodland desire!

 Next to the tree this year I set up one of my end tables covered with a cloth and my nativity. 
 The big gold panels are from Gumps last year (they still sell them) and there is an angel with a harp in the center.
 On the tree are some new and old ornaments. These big pears are my favorite this year!

 I've got a mix of greens, golds, coppers, whites and crystal on the tree.  The gilded leaves are a favorite but I need about 3 times as many as I have.

 Of course it's more engaging when the lights are on!

 I split up some copper colored branches and put pieces of them around the tree. They pick up on the same colors in the wreath.
Tucked just behind and to the side of the sofa is my linen chest that I decked out with an arrangement of glittery pine boughs, feathers and eucalyptus I put together. 

  The little angels were from Gumps last year. I also attached two gold leaves on the sides of the vase for more shape.

 A simple tree adorned with vase filler pieces. Hobby Lobby 2 or 3 yrs. ago.

 Just to the right of that chest is my other built in cabinet top that my Santos Doll sits on.
 I decked her out with two boxwood wreaths, another over sized pine cone and red beads... Her theme is Christmas decorating this year!

  When our daughter was home for Thanksgiving she 
dubbed it my Mardi-Gras Santo's  Cage Doll!
We both laughed about that one!

These two antique gold finished urns bring your eye around the corner! 
The large milky white ornaments were from a specialty store 3 yrs. ago.

 Our tree is a tall skinny pencil tree- it fits easily into the room.  
A couple of evening shots

Thanks for visiting! 
 I hope you like!! 

I'm joining Savvy Southern Style
A Homespun Christmas/Vignettes and Mantels Party 

November 27, 2012

A Visual Medley Inspired by Pottery Barn!

I was inspired by these pictures from Pottery Barn 
to create an arrangement on top of my cabinet 
that divides two of my rooms.
Pottery Barn
 I love the mix of elements
Pottery Barn
Mine is by no means a replica, but more of an inspired look which began 
with the pictures from Pottery Barn

I used several items I already owned and a few are new. 

The main thing I adopted from the Pottery Barn vignettes was about mixing different elements together and creating what I'm calling a visual medley.

 I do love it best at night with the
candles lit!

 I used some miniature boxwood candle rings to surround a couple of the pieces.

 I set everything on this deep olive green

 This little votive is part of a set I ordered from Pottery Barn.  50% of the profit goes to 
St. Judes Children's Research Center.  
I've been picking up pieces from PB for this benefit for a couple of years now.  
I think it's a great way to contribute.  
I included a link above- no profit or monies received by me

 What do you think my favorite color is? 
R_ _ 

I hope you enjoyed my PB inspired vignette!

I've got more to show you, but I'm going to 
s-t-r-e-t-c-h... it out!! 

I'm joing the 
 Knock off Decor Extravaganza party
Debbiedoo's for the Copy Cat Challenge

November 25, 2012

Inspired by Orvis!

First I have to say another big Thank-you to Linda for once again updating my blog page.  
I am officially re-labeling her the "Blog Elf" for the season!
She compiled a new header for me with pictures from last year's Christmas posts! I am so grateful for her help, 
because I would have given up long ago if it wasn't for her! 

Inspired by Orvis!

From the Orvis catalog
 While sipping my morning coffee I saw this 
fur draped deer in the Orvis catalog and a 
light went off!

I have two deer statues that I could jazz up a 
bit like this too!

I'm pretty sure they used real rabbit fur but I went for a faux fur.

I found this sold on a roll like ribbon.  

I came up underneath and hand sewed 
it together with a few stitches and added a 
jewelery piece for the accent.  I used a small
toothed comb to fluff the fur.

Don't you think he's a handsome guy!

This is the other one that I situated in front of the sofa.

I thought it was a fun easy way to jazz them up!
What do you think? 
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Kathe with an E 
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November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving wishes!

I want to wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

I'm looking forward to a tasty turkey and good fixin's to go along with it!
Our daughter will join us in the afternoon after she completes some volunteer work at her church serving Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm sure we'll have an enjoyable day
we are expecting a very warm day too!
I always look forward to watching the Thanksgiving Day parade from New York 
while I'm puttering in the kitchen!

I'm having big problems with my right wrist and thumb lately and have had to back way off on the computer usage.  I am trying to visit blogs but I can't do very much.  
I don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring them!  

I did start some early Christmas decorating and look forward to sharing what I've 
been up to in the near future!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 17, 2012

Holiday Decorating Inspirations

I get inspired from photos like these for my holiday decorating.  
My main focus is on mantels and trees.
 A nursery that I shop at offers classes on decorationg, how to make bows, 
create arrangements etc.  
Most of these photos are from their displays but a few are from Pottery Barn and 
Nel Hill's, a local store and some I can't remember where they came from.

I hope you enjoy and maybe you will get some inspiration from these!

I like to expand on the ideas, visualize my colors, and adapt items I may already have but perhaps will help me achieve a look I like from a photo. 

Happy Imagining!

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