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June 26, 2013

Independence Day-Lets Celebrate!

July 4th
Independence Day
Let's celebrate!

 A new find for me.  
This pictures portrays both segments of the Declaration of Independence and also segments from the "I Have A Dream" speech by the Rev. Martin Luther King

On a visit to Pennsylvania in 2011 I picked up this bread tray at my favorite place called Wendell August.  These are hand forged and crafted at their company as they have since 1923 

I've added a bit of red to my plate rack to get in the spirit too! 
(3 more pieces from Wendell August are on here too)

I wanted to create a cheerful expression of patriotism, classic Americana and summer vibes.

I was able to collect my own flowers from my gardens.

  I've got peonies, salvia, an iris and some lilacs in the bouquet.  It smells delightful!

When Susan at Between Naps on the Porch posted a tablescape by her friend Marie I spotted this Uncle Sam in the car.  I was smitten by it immediately and was thrilled to find it at Pier 1 (only one left too!)

I mixed my sparkly napkin rings with these red napkins that are adorned with tiny crystals. I chose the rattan chargers to add a little organic matter.

The Diner Checked dinnerware, cherry and red swirl glassware all fit in well with my theme. 
I slipped in a piece of Coconut Cream Pie 
(we'll probably have apple pie but I had this on hand)!

I found the vase in storage. It was one of my Mother's treasures that she allowed me to take home a few years back.  I love the cobalt blue ruffled edge on it.
 My centerpiece dish has cherries on it like the red pitcher. When we eat I will use it for serving on and my florals can be easily lifted away.  If we have any guests I will take this outside on the patio.

Aren't these salt and pepper shakes cute.  
They are another Pier 1 Imports item... as are the scattered glass beads and stars.
I'm hungry how about you!  

 Thank you for visiting and I hope your Independence Day celebrations will be full of good times and good food!

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June 25, 2013

Sofa Dreams

Eight years ago we ordered new furniture for the living room, had it painted and carpeted.  We got brave and went with lots of color (our son quipped that we had gotten "color courage").
This large wedge style sofa was a statement piece
but as it turned out for us it wasn't a comfortable piece because it lacked enough back support.

 I sold her on Craigslist and off she went with a 
delightful couple that live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

Back in April we ventured out to many stores to 
look at sofas.
  We landed on this one and then the fun part began for me of sorting through fabrics.  The manufacturer was sponsoring 40% off with the store for 0ne week so we jumped on it.

 I always bring pieces of my carpet & fabrics from our home to help me choose my fabric. What I like about my new color is I can change the accents with it and bring in another color very easily.  I briefly considered that brown fabric but the print was too bold and again dominant.

After many choices I landed on these. The fabrics had to work with our other furnishings because I wasn't changing any of that.
 After having such a dominant print on the other sofa I went with more of a plain fabric but chose to add a print with the pillows.

Well she came last Friday and I'm super happy with it!  It fits in the room so much better too.  

I had the same cording that is on the red paisley pillows added as an accent on the sofa. 

 We're ready to change the wall color but wanted to see the sofa in the room first.  I'm going to lighten it up.  I want more contrast with the furniture which I think will also give it a more updated look.
Benjamin Moore-Linen Sand 2151-60
 This new color has the right tones in it to work with our furnishings, but not quite as bold as the Concord Ivory that we have now.

 We've painted a sample on the wall to make sure we like it, but haven't painted the whole room yet. It almost looks white, but I assure you it isn't.  This also is only one coat and we'll put two on so it will truly reflect the color we've chosen.

I'm so much happier with this sofa.  
Now I can't wait to see the room painted and finish that part of my vision!

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June 13, 2013

No. 1- Wire Basket

First I'd like to ask a big question or two!  
Why are the French related decorated items frequently given a number?  What is the premise for this?  Do the French really decorate this way? 

Okay given that...

I found this wire basket with a No. 1 at Michael's earlier this year and have been trying to find a way to incorporate it into my decorating.
While it's been hanging around, the spool of burlap and the bag of potpourri ended up tossed in it.  It finally occurred to me that I could use these two items with the basket. 

My kitchen table is my work space for projects.  
I had a vision of using the burlap as a liner for the basket.  
I cut a small piece to line the bottom and then I started laying out the burlap along the sides.  I wanted to ruffle it a bit and it took me a bit to figure out how to get the look I wanted.

I hot glued it along the bottom in various spots, gathering the fabric in little bunches to help created the ruffling, or soft wave.

I decided the potpourri wasn't going to fill it well enough, so I tossed in some moss balls for filler.

This Fresh Hydrangea is rich in smell and it has an interesting array of elements in it.

It came with two bags separating things and a few loose items.

After playing with it a bit I felt I achieved the look I wanted.  I even tucked in the ribbon that tied the bag.  

A side perspective

I played with it on the kitchen table and created  a  quick vignette.
Ultimately though I knew I'd have to move it. 

I moved it to the burlap covered table.  

I took away the riser under the pot....

I even tried it with the steeple shaped piece, but it doesn't work with the Tuscan lamp.  I like both Tuscan and Country French decorating, so I play around with blending the two together.

 Then I brought this plate out and set it on a clear acrylic stand on top of the architectural riser.

I'm never alone...my cats are always close by watching and Riley decided he wanted to get up closer to what I was doing!  

 So for today this is where it's at!

You know me, it will probably change again soon!
I like my trinket box that usually sets there
 and I will probably have to move it back!

The wire basket may head for my bathroom soon.
I think it has a good look for that room.
This spot on the back of the commode is the only place I can put it, but I'd have to give up my other pretties there so I'm just not sure yet!!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!
 Update Saturday
I'm going to give it a whirl here for a while!

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June 11, 2013

Gone to Pot!

A little while back a gardening friend I know (Tess) posted a picture of a "Pot Lady" on Face Book that I fell in love with.  
 (I don't know the source of this so I can't give credit)
I've been wanting to make one, but haven't as of yet, so I decided I'd share some pictures of the one Teresa made and a couple of others I've seen on the internet.

 Teresa says it was a bit harder than she imagined to make it.  She ended up buying a special drill bit to drill through the terra cotta on the sides for the arms and legs.  This life sized pot lady weighs a small 
ton too!  (Sounds like me!)

Viewing her from the side (she's built like me!)
Aren't her fancy gloves cute!

You can see the holes coming from the size of the pot for the legs.  She used a nylon rope for longevity and lots of knots to assemble it.

A few people have suggested she should build a Pot Man to go with her, but she's not convinced! 

If you'd like to see Tess's gardens I featured her
yard last year on my garden blog.  
Here is the link "Gardening with Tess" 
 You can see the shed where the Pot Lady sits next to in the far back.  Tess's lives in Virginia and has quite
a green thumb!  Check out that link and see her beautiful back yard and gardens!

Here is another one I found one day while browsing the web for some plant information.
Isn't that adorable and I love how it's set on this wagon with all the neat accents!

Recently another blogger Gail from 
posted her "Pot Lady" which is adorable too!
Gail even gave a tutorial on how she created it!
Here is the link to her post 

As you can see you can make them look however 
you want and go big or small!

One thing nice about these "Pot Ladies"  or
" Pot People" is that as they age they will only
develop more character 
(kind of like us!)

 So my mind has "gone to pot" but I guess it's 
better than "gone to  pieces"!
I know that was terrible!!

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