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May 29, 2013

Cottage Garden Inspired

Over the Memorial Day weekend we visited our family.  We were at the farm where my husband grew up and lilacs were blooming everywhere.  I admired this deep rich purple one but there is only one bush so we only cut one small branch.  I'm going to keep it watered until some roots pop out and plant it up here at our home.

 They smell heavenly too!

So I'm staring at it thinking I should use it for
a tablescape- can't let the flowers go to waste! 

This new octagon steeple shaped artifact had a bit 
to do with my cottage inspiration!

I made a trip to the garden in between the 
downpours of rain and snipped a couple of tulips. 
I dressed the bottom of this steeple 
piece with a hedge of silk hydrangeas. 

Bear with my imagination-  I raised the vase 
with the lilac so it would be high like a tree and 
the flowers are the garden.
Blur your eyes and visualize!!

The creamy white fleur-de-lis mugs go well
 with my cottage garden theme.

  I love these dishes because they remind me of 
iron garden gates.
These dishes have a very understated purple accent on them and worked well with the placemats and the lilacs.
The favorite standby white chargers from Pier 1 make another appearance.  I chose creamy white, olive green, and purple for my color theme.  Indulge me with the red tulip....I'm a big fan of red!

We're cheating and having some take home tonight!
I hope this rain clears up so I can get out in the 
real garden!

I'll be joining a couple of parties
this week


May 21, 2013

Cloche Fairy Garden

I've loaded up my tray and created a
fairy garden.

I borrowed a few pieces from my outdoor fairy garden

Under the cloche is a fairy standing in a
bed of grapevine and floral rosettes!

These are all Mary Cicely Barker fairies-
They have such sweet faces

My fairies lend a little magic to my gardens every year so they'll be heading outdoors very soon!

I set a couple of wax begonias in this cute 
little mini chicken wire metal planter

All my fairies love to garden!

    This one is next to my rustic cast iron garden tool set that is actually a doorstop.
 I lightened it up so you could see them better

 I hope you enjoyed my fairy garden!

These can be a lot of fun.  Normally I would have all real plants, stones and natural accents, but since this was just for fun and temporary so  I didn't want to build it that way.  The begonias and fairies will be heading outdoors very soon! 

I'll be joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
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May 14, 2013

Finishing up the Plate Rack wall and Entry Table...

You recently saw my new plate rack with the blue dishes I put together "here".  I took the pussy willows that I used for my Easter Egg Tree and popped them in the new big blue vase.  I was able to bring in some height to the design which I knew it needed.
 I took a woven tray and an oval platter from the kitchen area and mounted them on the wall next to the plate rack.  I was tickled to be able to use something I already owned.
 I also added to metal bowls to the top of the plate rack- they are also from Wendell August.

 I am pleased I found a way to display them!
One was a gift and one I bought on a trip to

Maybe a little French Country now? 

 The entry table...
I had to have something to set where the pussy willows had been on this table, so this earthenware vase with the greens has come back into play.  
 Do you remember my little treasure box?  I stuck a few more trinkets in it.  Some keys, a tassel, and a bit of lace.
Here's a link to the original posting "here" 

I propped the box top open by using the ring for the keys in the back which help anchor it.

 Now I'd like to see the door painted a different color. 
I've shifted a bit away from the Tuscan coloring so I will study this a while to decide.  I need to switch up to a neutral floor rug color for the season too. 

Our Grandfather clock used to set there where the table is and it may be getting back moved here again.  We're tweaking the living room and haven't been able to make our minds up about it yet.
 Only thing is I'd hate to loose this display area,
I have too much fun with it!

Stay tuned!!

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May 13, 2013

Multifunctional Closet Renovation

I have had this closet targeted for a while for some storage improvement needs.
This is a 3 ft. square closet that abuts the stairwell
going down to the basement level on the other
side of the left wall.  It was the coat closet for the
home but after we remodeled and added another closet 
it turned it into a storage closet which held the leaves
for the dining table, mop, broom, vacuum, cleaning
supplies and even candles!
 I forgot to take a picture before I emptied it all out, 
but you will have to believe me it was packed.
It had the wire shelves meant for clothing in it
but it didn't work that well and there wasn't enough
effective use of space.

So I stacked it all on the dining table because it's very close by, and the leaves for the table ended up in a bedroom closet of spare bedroom.

Holes had to be patched, then a primer paint went up and eventually the paint.  I had 3/4's of a gallon left over from my office we painted a year ago, so I chose that to use. (White Chocolate by Benjamin Moore.)

The next day the brackets went up.  We decided we better build it strong since we aren't sure how heavy the loads may be.  He found a center stud (well actually it's off centered) so he used that for the center rail.

Hooray!  I chose the two top shelves to be 12" deep and the three bottoms to be 16" deep.  They are prefinished and just had to be cut to length.  
 There is an attic access above and I believe the ladder will clear the shelves.  Let's hope because neither 
of us bothered to find out!

Let the loading begin! I'm putting candle holders, vases and cloches in here so I don't have to go to
the basement to retrieve them.

 Now remember it's a multi purpose closet!   
My green crates hold household cleaning products.  I put lightweight things that I could grab easily on the top shelf.  We had some leftover shelving material so I had him cut one to fit the floor so I could easily slide these plastic containers in and out.  Isn't that rag mop gorgeous!  We couldn't find anything better to hold my mop, broom etc., so we re-used what we had.

 The two vacuums get used a lot and they had to stay in here too so they are the last to go in!   Of course now I could change up and use the shelves for other items anytime I want.  I like that the shelves are adjustable and there is plenty of strength to hold whatever I can challenge it with!
 We spent just under $65 in materials.  We saved on paint because we had our on stock pile.

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May 10, 2013

My new office collage......

In the recent past we purchased a picture that was installed above the fireplace and I blogged about it "here"
 It was there briefly and then we happened along a clearance area and found a portrait that we replaced it with as shown "here".

So now I had this brand new picture and no
place for it In the back of my head I thought
it might work in my office, but it's pretty large and
I wasn't positive it would fit.

  Yesterday I was in the mood and I stripped the top of all my 
stuff and went to work hanging the picture.
I was able to incorporate my other pictures into my new wall collage and I think it worked out very well. 

  You may remember my "Nod To Romance" post
where I first showed my Paris book and the little 
green frame.  As you can see I adopted those pieces
and added them to my vignette and just behind it 
are the two prints I posted about "here"

  I adjusted a few things, edited out a few etc.

Who knew when I bought the big picture on
the top right 5 years ago and the two small
prints a couple of months back that they'd end up
together in a collage! 

  I really did not expect to be making these changes 
in the office so soon, but I'm content with the
new look and I'm glad I gave it a try!


May 8, 2013

Prayers for Linda

Today I'm asking for your prayers for my friend Linda.
She's my blog fairy (designer) and a very 
close internet friend.
Linda and Granddaughter Marissa
 Our friendship began in 2009 when we both were doing posts on the HGTV/Rate My Space internet page. 

In 2010 she encouraged me to start blogging and it was at that time I believe she started too.

She's so savvy with computers and she's held my hand 
throughout these past 3 years with my blogging needs and 
is a real blessing to know!

 About 13 years ago, just after she married her love Paul, 
she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.
Linda and Paul 2010

She braved through surgery and chemo therapy and has been a healthy active person ever since. 
Unfortunately she's recently been diagnosed with cancer again and will be undergoing surgery tomorrow Thursday the 9th. 
There will be chemo therapy again and I 
know that is hard to go through. 

Linda (denim skirt) getting down at a Hoedown party showing some dance moves to her friends! 

Please join me with some extra prayers 
and encouragement and let's help Linda get down 
on this cancer once again!

 Here is a link to her blog page

Together we can beat these things!

My Designer

My Fairy Blog Mother

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