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August 26, 2013

Seashells and Rope

I have been working on the newly created bedroom/den.  
As I've mentioned before on these two posts here and here we converted a downstairs family room into a guest bedroom and the upstairs bedroom into what I am now going to call a den.

Earlier this spring I bought a lantern which has been bouncing around looking for a home.

 I brought it in my office thinking I might use it in there, but that didn't work.  I was also trying to find something unusual to put inside of it.

 I lost  interest with it and it ended up in the bedroom for a while with a cat statue in it just because.  

 I recently found a candle at Pier 1 loaded with seashells in the wax  (where the lantern had also come from) and decided it might work for the lantern.  As an added bonus the candle smells really good!
I had the glass cylinder but the candle looked too short inside of it so I coiled up a piece of hemp rope and to elevate the candle.  
I still had a bunch of seashells leftover from my Hobby Lobby purchase so  I staged them around the base.  
The little starfish on the jute string was included with the candle so I reused it on the outside of the glass cylinder.

I'm tickled to have finally have found a way to dress up this lantern.  
It's funny how things are working out between these two rooms that I've exchanged.
Perhaps it was meant to be!

This would be great outside under a protected area for evenings on the patio but for now it will reside in the new bedroom/den.
A very affordable 70% off find from Pier 1 has
also become a part of the den.  I'm still tweaking the room and will show it soon.

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August 19, 2013

Hurricane & Seashells!

Back in May I picked up this large hurricane piece from Pottery Barn with a gift certificate sent to me from my kids.

 The hurricane came with the dark wood base and it has a metal edge on the top of the glass which is great for protecting it from damage.

This was being designed for the downstairs nautical family room, which I recently changed to a bedroom.

As you can see I  have some seashells (Hobby Lobby), hemp rope (hardware store) and a flameless candle.

I staged the candle on top of a pedestal so I could have room for the seashells and rope below it.

When I started to assemble this I realized I couldn't use this candle because it proved to be too large.  I have to be able to lift the candle out without removing the glass so everything doesn't fall out.

Here it is after I got it all together.

It made it downstairs to the nautical room, but now it's upstairs in the new bedroom/den that we have been putting together.

I had this wood charger from Pottery Barn that just happened to fit nicely under this hurricane piece.  This room is mostly done with the exception of some wall art.  I'll get around to showing it soon!

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August 12, 2013

Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum!

Ahoy there matey! 
Come on in and see what I've been up to!
 I decided to fill this old chest up with some
nautical goodies.

My ships mascot (le' cat) had to inspect as I 
began my creating my treasure chest.

This was the family room up until recently. The ships wheel is the table you see here with the glass top.  I'm in the process of completing the change so it's not ready to show yet.  The sofa is upstairs now in a small bedroom that we're calling the den now.

Back to the box...
Complete with it's old hardware it seemed like a good beginning for the treasure chest I wanted to create. 

Some seashells and starfish helped create the scene...

 Some pirates booty

 A lantern, books and bottles...

and the fishnet really brought it together!

My little deep sea diver with the diving helmet helped anchor the big ships wheel in place.  He's been with me for a bout 10 years.  I already had everything- I just gave it a new home.  I think I need some dead sea scrolls though... argh!!

The display cabinet next to it just got moved. 
(You can see where it was in the before picture)
It's sitting where the tv used to.

A tour of the different shelves.
Some things were acquired while on vacations.
Byer's Choice Carolers collected in the 
early 2000's

The ship in the bottle was from our visit to
Boston...that's the USS Constitution

I saw the chubby lady at Cracker Barrel one year and grabbed it...I said it looked like me! 

Aren't the kids cute!
 So this is one of the projects that's been keeping me busy lately.

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Drink and the devil be done for the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

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August 6, 2013

The move.....

Last week we helped our daughter move to her 
new rental home.  We packed up some of the 
things from our home in the van and on our trailer.
She lives about 180 miles south of us.   

Spring 2012
When she was in junior high we bought her a new bedroom outfit.  I told her someday when she was ready she could have it in her own place and so it seemed the time had come.

This was the dining and the bedroom (below) last week before the move.
Notice the large armoire in this room.

 The armoire doesn't look so big in this room!
These must be 12 ft. ceilings. 
She decided to use it for a tv cabinet instead of
putting it in her bedroom.

This is the living room (before the armoire was in). 

 Looking back towards the kitchen.

The cupboards are old and painted, but I doubt
original to the home. There's a fair amount of
storage and behind me is the stove and fridge.

Standing at the kitchen looking back to 
the entry hall and living room.  This 
whole area is for dining.

This is the front door. It has such interesting detail.
I can't believe it's not preserved better, but these
rentals get a lot of use so I guess the landlords 
don't care to put that much effort into them.

A short banister as you go upstairs to the bedrooms.

Her bedroom.  As you can see we got a little crazy with plastic wrap! It worked really well and it was raining that day so we were even happier that we chose to wrap everything.

It's a duplex home that is probably 80 to 100 
years old.  She's happy with it and that makes
us happy!  
We were worn out for the next two
days after this, but we've recovered and now the empty bedroom in our home is undergoing a small change.  Always something!!



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