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March 30, 2015

Pink Tulips and Eggs Vignette

Good Monday morning! 

Infuse With Liz
 Over the weekend I created another vignette for the kitchen table. 
I'm going to try and do one once a week!  

Infuse With Liz
 This one will stay put through Easter.
Looks like it's just Dan and I for Easter this year.

Infuse With Liz

Infuse With Liz
I purchased a couple of cute things from Kathy at Creative Home Expressions which included these cute card tags with vintage prints...love the crinkly ribbon she uses!

Infuse With Liz
She also made this adorable little painted peat pot with the nest and eggs.  The vintage printed embellishment was included with the pot.  

Infuse With Liz
I decided to attach it to the front of the pot with pins so I can remove it- the other side is hiding something but I'll show that sometime later for another vignette!  Love the sweet little chicks in their Easter jalopy!

Infuse With Liz
Aren't those the most real looking faux tulips ever?  I will definitely be keeping these a long long time!  The dishes came in a box (found at TJMaxx- Called Chirp- by Rae Dunn for Magenta)  There are four different images.

Infuse With Liz
The sun was popping in and out.  I just grabbed what I could!

Infuse With Liz
 There you have it- this week's vignette
Pink Tulips and Eggs!

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March 25, 2015

Easter in the Living Room

I kept my Easter decorating to a minimum this year. 
 The more cute and pastel kind of decorating has been kept near the kitchen.

 I changed the mantel only enough to add some tulips and my lambs that usually hang out in the china cabinet.

I decided to keep the room simple and only add something that fit in with my decorating.

The tulips came from the Pottery Barn outlet when I visited in February.  I bent them a bit here and there to make them look more realistic.  There are three bunches in this and I didn't expect they would fit the narrow vase but it worked out great.  The lambs were new last year for my birthday.  

I centered the tray on the coffee table and I added the urn with the philodendron plant to it.

 I found the rabbit at TJMaxx a few weeks ago.  I grabbed it up quickly knowing it wouldn't stay around for long. I love the paper mache finish they gave it.

I added a few eggs to his back pack.  

I layered a little bit of grass and eggs in the jar.

I've kept it all low key this year and I'm liking it!  

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Parade of Easter Bunnies!

Infuse With Liz
Welcome to my Parade of Easter Bunnies!
I was so happy to see the sun shining- it sure makes for a joyous spring day!

Infuse With Liz
Little Rose has been very busy delivering Easter eggs!

Infuse With Liz
 Don't you love her little egg cart!

Infuse With Liz
A parade of bunny plates surround the centerpiece layered on textured white plates by Bordallo Pinheiro that are set on top of some large terracotta plant trays acting as chargers.

Infuse With Liz
These bunny plates were gifted to me by Linda from Life and Linda as a birthday gift!  I was so surprised when they came!  Thank you again Linda!

Infuse With Liz
Oh yes, did I mention I just had a birthday?

Infuse With Liz
When I spotted this polka dot tablecloth at Home Goods I knew was going to perfect for these dishes!  The placemats were from Bed Bath & Beyond a few years back.  The Napoleon flatware came from Horchow a while back.  They have some good sales and free shipping every so often- worth checking out!
Infuse With Liz
Another layer of bunnies parade beneath the cake stand...

Infuse With Liz
 They are so sweet...I got them at Michael's a few years ago

Infuse With Liz
I used candle votives (from Pier 1 last year) stuffed with grass and candy eggs...
there were a few more eggs...not saying where they disappeared to!

Infuse With Liz
 So there you have it....my Parade of Easter Bunnies!

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March 24, 2015

Hopping into Spring and Easter Vignette

Infuse With Liz
As we all know spring has finally arrived (at least by the calendar)  I'm slowly working my way into some decorating for Easter. 

Infuse With Liz
 I was so pleased that my Christmas Cactus is blooming right now so I decided to use it as a feature in my vignette.   I'm on a roll to do a weekly vignette!

The little candle cloche is from Pier 1- Honeysuckle scent.  They are so cute and smell so good!  

Technically this is really a "Thanksgiving Cactus".   According to some reading I've done the asymmetrical growth pattern and the way it lays almost horizontal are different from true "Christmas Cactus" which are symmetrical and hang downward.  The genus is Schlumbergera and this would be from the "buckleyi" group.
Aren't you glad I told you that!  LOL

So happy spring has finally arrived...It's been a _l o n g_ winter!

OH bear with me I have two more things to share...

You've met Teddy more than once- Carmen is our other cat.  She's a quiet one who diligently waits for affection.  She followed me around while I took pictures and if you really look at some of the shots I took you will see her there too!  I had to capture this with her shadow!  

I'd like to ask a special prayer request of my blogging friends that know Alycia from Tablescapes at Twenty-One.  She had back surgery a while back and never fully recovered.  As it turns out she's going to have to have a 2nd surgery that is likely to be this week.  Stop over to her blog or visit her on Facebook and let her know you are thinking about her.  

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March 23, 2015

Pastels of Spring and an Easter basket

The pastels of spring as seen Sunday morning.
I'm a fan of the traditional pastels that are used for spring and Easter.
I have to believe that these colors are inspired not only by the flowers that bloom in the spring but by natural occurrences like this.
 I started it by setting the basket on a chair.  I rummaged through my silk flowers and Easter deco and created an Easter arrangement for the door using some of the pastel flowers and eggs that I had on hand. 
I put some tall white flowering branches at the back area to hang some Easter eggs off of with bunches of tulips and daffodils. 
 I used a wire to hook the carrots on. 
Infuse With Liz
 Everything is loose and can be removed easily.  The striped cotton ribbon came from Michael's. 
(Note the edges of the ribbon unravel very easily so if you want a shabby look it would be easy to achieve- I believe there was a beige/cream and pink/cream combo too)
No hot glue since I want to re-use this basket many times over. 
Infuse With Liz
I was inspired to get this tall skinny basket after seeing a post at
My Kentucky Living's post "Designing a Spring Basket"  I knew immediately I wanted a basket like that because we have a storm door that doesn't allow much space for anything to be there.  I can't mount mine on the outside since it can get very windy.  The good thing is this area is on the north side and doesn't get the sun so I won't have to worry about fading or overheating. 
I searched for a "flat back woven wall basket" and found it on Ebay.  Unfortunately after checking today I see the seller sold all 8 that she had so I can't share the link.

I used a clear Command Hook to mount it with (you can just barely see it on the glass).  I plan to rotate different seasonal looks with this basket.  I am thrilled to have finally found something that would work here.  I'm grateful that Sheila posted about hers which motivated me to find one.  By the way Sheila has a nice blog and I recommend visiting her especially if you like traditional decorating.  You can click the link in the above paragraph to go there.
 I'm going to like how this offers some additional privacy which is something I can use for this door. 
Infuse With Liz
I have another vignette on the table I'll share tomorrow!
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