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July 30, 2015

Sunshine and Breakfast!

Join me for breakfast....the sun is greeting us!

I cut some of my Annabelle Hydrangeas, added in some daisies and foxtail fern from my garden and placed them in my cherry pitcher. 

I found the tablecloth on Ebay... 
Moda Vintage Style - "Fruit Cocktail"
It's very much like the one I used "here" on my tablescape Cheery Cherry Blue from a year ago!

The white bowl is part of my new everyday dishes called Antique White by Mikasa

Bees abuzz building their honeycombs...
Mason mugs from Younker's can be used for hot or cold beverage. 
The bowls are great for some cubed pieces of fruit like cantaloupe which is my favorite!

Red checked gingham napkins with bric-a-brac trim
Pier 1

The cherry pitcher has the same pattern as the square platter.  We like to fill the platter with the breakfast food to serve from.  The flowers are easily relocated.

Teddy is never far away... always making sure I know he's around!

Perfect time to eat- let's dig in!

Between Naps on the Porch


July 28, 2015

Summer Kitchen Table

I've set the kitchen dining table up with a vintage style tablecloth and some flowers I collected from the garden.
Summer heat has finally caught up with us hovering in the low 90's.  
These white flowers seem cool and fresh which is always welcome in the good ole' summertime!

I snipped a few of my Annabelle hydreangea's and these daisies are still going strong from last week's arrangement.  I added a few pieces of the foxtail ferns for color and teture.

The cherry's are in season here and are for sale everywhere.  I collected this platter and pitcher from a local store a few years ago.  They seemed perfect to be paired with this vintage style tablecloth.  I'll be featuring it with a tablescape on Thursday.

 Hope your week is going great! 

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July 24, 2015

Happy Friday!

 Come on over to my garden blog and visit for a bit!
I just did a new post and you can click the link below to see it!

I'd love it if you'd leave a comment on my garden blog to let me know you visited!

Have a wonderful weekend!

July 22, 2015

The Gift of Summer Flowers

 July is a big month for my flowers out in the garden beds.
I went out in the morning and cut these for my floral centerpiece.

 Floral melamine plates, stemware and napkin rings- Pier 1.  Milky white swirl glass plates T.J.Maxx.  Yellow placemats Kohl's.  Flatware Horchow.  Napkins from a local boutique shop.

Cast of characters...Cone Flowers, Day Lilies, Butterfly Weed, Shasta Daisies and Veronica!

We'll pretend we're sitting outside on a large covered porch at a lovely 
white wicker dining set....

The gift of my own summer flowers brings happiness to me!

How about an afternoon lunch...

Ahh... let's pour the wine and dine!


July 20, 2015

Master Bedroom Makeover

Come on in!

Our room is very small (12 x 12) so we will all have to squeeze in here together to look at it! 

I was inspired by a picture a while back with lots of beige and some blue and I decided that was the direction I was heading.  I felt it had a calming affect.

I also liked the way they did the curtains I and decided I'd center a couple of panels on my window to get a similar affect.  I tried to find a bolder pattern like this picture but ultimately I decided since my room is so small it would overwhelm it.  I came across the curtains at T.J. Maxx and picked up three sets (at $29.99 for a set of 2) and it all worked out great.  I use sheers to add privacy and I also have a pleated shade that's behind the sheers that's we use to help warm the window in the winter.

I added a chair that was in another room which is a deep rust color.
If I find a throw for the bed I'll add one. Hubby hates the big pillow stacks and since our room is so small I am not going to bother with too many pillows.

The view out our window is of the back yard is nice but you could walk up to the window and look right in very easily so I like the privacy sheers.  I took this while we were beginning the painting job.  The room used to be a golden tone and was decorated with a Tuscan influence.

The lamps on the end table were picked up last fall (on a 50% of sale) and were part of the influence for the choices I made for the curtain rods, mirror and pictures.   

I wanted the room to take on a little more of a modern characteristic.  I chose a mirror to go above the bed to create the feeling of a window and it should draw in more light from the real window.  My night stands are turned sideways because the room isn't big enough to do it otherwise.  We need a new light fixture but I didn't want to push hubby too far on all of this- he did all the painting so I have to say again say a big "THANK YOU" to him for this!  

The paint is by Benjamin Moore, from their new Aura group and is called Harmony (it's fantastic by the way- the coverage is amazing and the color is spot on).
The bedding is from Soft Surroundings.  I chose a coverlet which works great for this bed because it's thin enough to tuck around the corners and sides which I like doing.  The pillows were from them too and I've ordered a third pillow that will pop in a little rust which is the third color I wanted to add but I won't have it for a little while. 

 The larger pictures were a find on a weekend venture and were on a good markdown so home they came with me! I liked that they had a little rust and blue in them.  The little bird pictures were a newer find a couple of weekends ago.  

This room ended up taking on a nature theme with the tree branch print on the curtains, cut work fern design on the lamp, birds and florals in the pictures, and the dried grasses I used in the torches (which I took from another room as seen "here"

 This little picture is from Venice.  My parents went to Europe on a multi country tour back in the late 70's and Mom purchased this from one of the local artists that sell them on the street.  I decided to hang it low so I could see it from my bed when laying there.  

So there you have it- my new makeover of the master bedroom!

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July 16, 2015

Kitchen Dining Plate Rack Mid Summer

I've been dragging my feet on doing things indoors lately.  Doesn't that seem to be the way it goes in the summer!  

I was staring at the plate rack thinking I'd like to spruce up the top area a bit so I did the "shopping my own house" routine and put this together.
The milk bottle came from Michael's a few months ago. My husband was raised on a dairy farm and they had Holstein cows so this had extra meaning for purchasing it.  Holstein cows produce the highest yield of milk and therefore are the most widely used for dairy production.
 I tucked the blue vase just behind the white cow vase so it looks good from this side and the blue picks up on the plates as well as my giant blue vase that's just below the rooster.  After studying my pictures I've decided I'm going to paint the red basket that's on the wall black.  It will look more cohesive and better with the clock that's above it.   I'm working on hubby to add the beadboard wainscoting that I've wanted for years.

The dishes I've used several times are called Devon Cottage by Johnson Brothers.

Stop by my garden blog if you have a minute-
that's where my heart is during the summer months!
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July 8, 2015

Breakfast on the 4th

I quickly put together a quick tablescape for our morning breakfast on the 4th

No time to iron linens and just paper napkins!

I heated up the maple syrup and we had orange juice and coffee.
The trivets are from Pennsylvania made by Wendell August.  
I've collected a few pieces on our visits to see our son when he lived there.

Daughter Chelsea prepared the breakfast and I played with the table.
The orange juice was back in the fridge to keep cold. 

 This made me laugh- she used my pig dish for the bacon!  LOL

 She made french toast,  scrambled eggs, bacon, homemade cubed potato hash, and gluten free pancakes that were for her (with sprinkles no less!).  Notice the snazzy way I disguised the (transfat free) butter spread! 

 I had to rush since the food was ready to be eaten!  Cell phone pics but not too bad.

This is a reality table- not too fancy but real!

Tablescape Thursday

July 6, 2015

Holiday Weekend Came and Went too Fast!

Ahh it was over too fast.

I got the table clean and cushions all put out.  Since we're alone so much we usually only put out a couple of cushions- this looks much better!  We had perfect mid to upper 70's weather, dry and no rain.

I wanted to share with you about this new votive candle ring for umbrellas that I discovered at Pier 1 Imports.  They carry it in brass at the store but it's also available in white from their web site.  I liked it a lot better and the gal ordered it from the store and I got free shipping!

It can be added or taken away so easily because of the hinge and latch assembly. Smart!

Our daughter was on her way up to visit on Friday morning.  I sent Dan off for a couple of extra groceries and to get some strawberries from a local farm stand.  Boy these were/are incredible!  I froze up 5 quarts and we ate one! The smell was amazing!

 I spent a little too much time in the kitchen but we had plenty of food to munch on so that was good!  I made potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, a peach dump cake and apple pie!  Dan grilled, hot dogs, burgers and chicken.

It was good!  

We had an impromptu visit from the neighbors which was great!
 My daughter Chelsea on the left, her friend Britt on the right and boyfriend Matt.  Britt's father Tom in the white and hubby on the left in blue.  Britt's Mom and I sat in the other two chairs and caught up on stuff!

Our area is well known for it's tart cherry production and they have the National Cherry Festival each year around the July 4th holiday time.  The US Air Force Thunderbirds were part of the air show put on Saturday and Sunday.  What's real fun is when they fly off to return from one of their performances they go over our area several times.  It's very exciting to hear the loud thunderous sound they make!  Sweet cherries have just started coming in and they sell them by the cup full for people to enjoy while walking around.  

There was a antique car show on Sunday afternoon.  My daughter was invited to sit in the dark red one (above in the other collage) called the Mainline by Ford.  You can just see her sitting behind the steering wheel!

It came and went too fast.  
Teddy was thrilled because we had the windows opened.   The evenings cooled into the 60's and felt wonderful at night.

I feel fulfilled but sad that's it's over- I guess that's how it goes when you have a good time!

I hope you all had a good weekend too!

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