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May 28, 2015

Elegant Beach Dining

Do you remember the movie Jurassic Park? 
 In an early scene there was a wealthy British couple that had taken a spot on the beach to dine with their daughter.  An elegant table had been set up by the ship's staff  who were attending them. 
Well anyway I was inspired to do a table with that kind of beach setting in mind although I am a long long way from the beach so we'll have to pretend!

This quick shot from the movie was the best I could come up with.
Of course this was actually a scene that was leading to a very disturbing moment with some small chicken sized dinosaurs attacking their daughter- let's hope we don't have that happen!  

I mixed a few pieces together representing beach colors and themes.
I rolled the napkins starting with a pointed corner and used the napkin rings to hold the final piece in place.  

The white dishes are trimmed with loops of rope and the pastel blue/green plates remind me of the color of the ocean.  The striped plates make me think of those cabanas along the beach for changing your clothing and the napkins are reminiscent of king crab legs!

I made this lantern arrangement a couple of years ago for my den as seen "here".  The candle is described as having jasmine, gardenia, melon and white lilac.   There is a wonderful smell drifting around the room right now- love it!

 I never imagined I'd be tying in the blue/green dishes with this lantern. 
This is something tablescaping has taught me- mix different patterns together- it's ok that they don't match!

Love this stemware.  The soft blue and green is perfect for this table and I've used it for others that had a completely different theme.  The glass candle votives were from the Nell Hill's on-line site back when they used to sell things that way.

 We'll pretend that our staff is going to serve us in the most elegant fashion!

Thank you for joining me - now let's enjoy!

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May 26, 2015

French Country Inspired Tray Vignette

Memorial Day was on and off rain all day.  After we ate I felt like doing something so I put together a little tray vignette.

  Roosters, lemons and boxwood seem very French like to me!  This oversized white rooster has been difficult for me to find a permanent home for but today he's anchoring my vignette!

I wanted to add something else white so this little milk pitcher worked in nicely.  The napkin took the place of flowers!

Some of you that follow me may remember this little metal basket and the two cow plaques that lost their spot when I re-did the wall where the plate rack is now.  You can see a post with the basket "here" and the plate rack "here"  I thought this added a nice country appeal to the vignette.

This preserved boxwood is a little find from Pier 1 a while back.   The lace doily hitched a ride to my home via a tablecloth that got bundled up at my Mom's when I visited for Mother's Day- see that post "here".

I couldn't leave this on the table because it's too large for everyday use but I did relocate it and I'll share that soon! 

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Memorial Day Weekend Buffet Dining! 
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May 22, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Buffet Dining

I thought I'd set the kitchen table up like a buffet for the Memorial Day weekend.

There will be apple pie, baked beans, grilled chicken, burgers and pasta salad this weekend.   The red and white cherry pitcher can serve our favorite raspberry iced tea. 

These Mosser ruby red goblets are a favorite and add a nice touch of red!  I got these because of the cherry design on them and I love that they are made in the U.S.  
Our area produces 75% of the tart cherry crop in the U.S. so we're big on cherry things!

The dishes are from another classic American manufacturer Home Laughlin.  They specialize in restaurant dinnerware these days.  Look at the bottom of the dishes at restaurants you attend and you may be surprised to see their name underneath!

Memorial Day weekend seems to be the kick-off to summer although this year it's a bit early!   I'll put out my flags and I know we'll be busy outside doing little projects.  I hope we can dine outside on the deck and enjoy some warm weather. 

Remember those who have died while serving our country.
 God Bless America!

Wishing you a great weekend!

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May 20, 2015

Lilac Inspired

While I was visiting family for the Mother's Day weekend I cut some little branches of lilacs when we visited my husband's family farm. 

 I was inspired to use them for a tablescape but they are a tad droopy so I added in some white stems to help support them a bit and it seemed to help improve their look. 

 I've used these dishes before- they have a little bit of purple in them and I always thought they felt like a garden inspired design even though they were sold at Christmas by Dillards (a few years ago) and are called Sugar Plum by Noble Excellence

The earthy tone of the flower napkin ring with the purple napkin pulled the color and texture together.

 This avacado accented tablecloth came from One King's Lane a while back. I tried it on my formal dining table as seen in my previous post "here".

 I try to capture the sun in my pictures when I can. 

I used the capital riser (I got from the Monticello Shop) under the tin watering can (from Michael's) because I like the way it looks with these dishes.  The stemware was a find at T.J.Maxx several years ago.

The lilacs are actually a bit early here in Michigan due to the warmer spring we've been having.  I have a lilac topiary tree that is loaded with blooms that should be opening soon!

We are still enjoying the elements of spring up north here.  The forsythia just finished blooming and the cherry trees are now bursting with color!  I still have tulips and daffodils blooming too.  Don't forget to drop by my other blog dedicated to my love for gardening.  You can click on the link "here" or at the upper right of my blog anytime!

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May 18, 2015

Three Looks- One Table

First Look
 and some background info
These are Annabelle Hydrangeas from last summer.  I really love their pretty white flowers and they make a good dried flower too.  They turn a wonderful green as they age.

I hung them to finish drying.  They were in my garage all winter and I kept promising myself I'd do something with them.

I finally brought them in and made an arrangement with them.
I cut and poked them into a styrofoam block and put them in this oblong display bowl. Some of these flower heads were 10" across!

 I wanted to use this tray to add warmth to the setting and I decided to bring these antique gold candle holders into the vignette to pick up on the color of the handles of the tray.  I am a big fan of the quatrefoil design and these became displaced after I changed the fireplace mantel as seen "here" and it was bugging me that I wasn't using them.

I found the tablecloth in the drawer- it has a great casual summer like feeling that offered the look my mind set out to create.   I was hoping to be able to use it here but it's a poor fit for this table because it's too short one way and too long the other way.  It looks too frumpy for me.  I do love the colors it offers for my room but I can't live with it on this table.  I have another idea for it so I'll see how it goes and let you know!

2nd Look

I found this table topper in with my table linens so I decided to give it a try here.  

The color of the bowl is bugging me.  I did give it a dusting of Heirloom White spray paint but it needs more to knock out the grey tones. 

Hmm...I see something that has inspired me for one more change!
3rd Look- maybe the charm?

If you look at the picture before this one you can see this decorative planter that I have now swapped with the hydrangea arrangement.

I had never put these two pieces together before but as I was doing this post and reviewing my pictures it finally hit me that they would look good together. It's not the light white summery look I started out to achieve but I'm okay with that because it fits in this formal setting a bit better.  
This link is to the first post where I introduced the tray and it's still one my favorite looks.  I think I'll bring it back to that look come late summer.

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May 13, 2015

Shuffle, shuffle...again!

I had to do it again... 
 Shuffle that is!

Back in March I rearranged the living room as seen "here" 

Some family dropped in on us one evening and I turned towards the living room to offer them to come sit down and I realized it was too awkward while entering the room- almost as if it were boxed off and ever since then it's been bugging me.   There was only a wedge of room between the sofa and the chair to get in the room otherwise you had to work towards the small red chair to go around- too much work!

I finally decided to switch the sofa back to the wall area and I flanked the sofa with the two matching end tables and as soon as the 2nd lamp comes in I'll have that part taken care of.

 This room may seem formal but trust me it gets used everyday.  The pillows get moved off while were sitting but I faithfully put them back in place each night!  This comes from basic training after having kids and clearing the room of toys daily!  The sofa is 2 yrs old and the leather recliners are 9 years old which I can hardly believe! 

Even though I used the card table as an accent and it may feel like it's blocking it really isn't- you can still get into the room much easier than before.
I have to put a small accent table next to the red coral chair.  

I swapped the items to use on this table that had been on the Tuscan striped chest that's over to the left with the lamp and pictures that were on here and it all worked out nicely!

On a recent stop I found this candle holder at Pottery Barn- I guess it's discontinued but they had a few pieces from this group in the store and this size seemed right to go near the lamp...whenever it comes!  Actually it did come in but the glaze on the lamp had been done differently so the store where I ordered it from is in contact with the factory about it.  Fortunately it's a US made product and they can do this!

This is the lamp that I'm waiting for the mate to go with.

Whites and Creams have added the updated look I wanted.

One time when I was stacking pillows while moving things around these two ended up together and I decided I liked it so now they reside together on this wing back recliner.

So there you have it....living room shuffled once again!

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