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August 27, 2015

Romantic Dining by the Bay

Last Sunday we had brunch at a local restaurant located by West Grand Traverse Bay.  It started raining while we were there and has continued on and off all week.  I got inspired once again to do another nautical or beach themed tablescape while staring across the bay.

I thought about a romantic interlude of a young couple.  
She arrives wearing a plain but elegant navy blue dress adorned with a long pearl necklace. He's just come from work and looks handsome with his sleeves rolled up and his suit coat tossed over his shoulder.  They decide to go for a quiet walk along the sandy beach exchanging stories about their day.  The sound of the soft waves lapping makes them feel like they're in a world of their own.  They have plans later in the evening so the return to have an early dinner.  She removes the pearls and gracefully lays them across on the lantern.

Salad plates with the shape of Michigan are featured...a local favorite Cherry Vinaigrette dressing will top their spinach salad.

A heart denotes the love for their state...

Candles are lit...

Soft music plays in the background...

Rose Compass nautical stemware adds to the ambiance...

 A favorite local wine will be enjoyed...

His voice soothes her mind as they enjoy some conversation.  She stares at the soft glow of the candle as she romantically dreams about their future together.

Memories from visits to Mackinac Island fill her thoughts.  They both dream of living somewhere like that some day.

A broiled whitefish dinner will be served with parmesan duchess potatoes, asparagus tips and a warm loaf of freshly baked bread.

Time to enjoy!

I will be joining 
Between Naps On The Porch

August 24, 2015

The Cruising Sofa!

Let's do a little history of where this sofa has been in this house...
Mind you I have a nickname of being the furniture shuffler!

The leather sectional started out downstairs in the small family room I created using a nautical theme.  It stayed that way for a few years but sadly it barely got used so then I decided to turn this area into a bedroom which I never did do a post about.  The ship's wheel table is in storage and the curio cabinet is in a new spot but still in this room.  I did a little post once in this room before it became a guest room as seen "here".

So the sofa cruised to the upstairs to an unused bedroom that I had vacated when we took her all of her bedroom furniture and I penned it the "den" as seen "here".  
Sadly it sat again with no use.....  
Dan thinks I should use this room as a craft/sewing room which would be nice but I really think we need it for the extra bed.

Our daughter's old sofa set was looking pretty sad so convinced her she needed this!

On Saturday we cruised down to her place-  which is 180 miles south of us.  I forgot to take a picture (which is rare for me).  It really was amazing how we got all of that into our company van (with a friend's help).  There was zero room for anything else and our seats were as far forward as could be.  Let's just say that when we arrived we had to unbend ourselves!  Thank goodness she had two young guys that stopped by to unload it for us.

 She lives in a home that was built in 1885 which has very tall ceilings and pretty spacious rooms.  I posted about helping her move in 2013  "here"
The bay window is part of the living room area. It's just a rental home and not a perfect by any means but it's in a safe neighborhood and the landlord has been a good one.

 It fits in with plenty of room and looks great.
She had a wool throw and some pillows to add which all worked out nicely.

I used a few things she had around and showed her how to use a tray to make a display.
The teal colored ceramic vase was a handmade gift she just received for being in a recent wedding (she stuck the little picture in there after I was gone).  Since I forgot to take pictures I asked her to take some and send them to me.  These smart phones are a wonderful thing!

No more cruising sofa!

Between Naps on the Porch
Metamorphosis Monday

Ivy and Elephants

August 20, 2015

A Touch of Provencal

Continuing on with the late summer sunny golden tones...
I've gathered flowers from the garden in the morning...

The Black Eyed Susans are in full bloom around here right now.  I chose a few cuttings from my Limelight Hydrangea for an accent and used my sunflower pitcher...

 I laid the napkins out on an angle under the plate to get the most out of the design from them.  They ended up working well with the denim overlay and the fleur de-lis plates.  This is the fun part about tablescaping.  Mixing things together and being surprised at what works!

I layered two chargers for texture and color.  I wanted the texture of the rattan but it was absorbed by the blue so I lifted it with the white charger.    

These chicken plates came from One King's Lane a while back and the same with the fleur de-lis coffee mugs.  I've used them several times.  The rooster glasses came from Pfaltzgraff a few years ago.

We're experiencing rain and thunder today and it's kind of dark.  I had to put the camera on manual and use the tripod to get these pictures taken.  This causes the outside to look almost burned out but that's how it works.  I'm just glad to get what I got!

FYI- this is using the automatic setting on the camera.  Learning how to use a manual setting can be a big help. 

I didn't put out wine glasses because I thought of this as being a brunch.  
I prefer wine with dinner or afterwards. 
 Au revoir my friends!

Between Naps on the Porch
Tablescape Thursday

August 19, 2015

Late Summer Front Door Basket

I changed the flowers in the door basket for a late summer look.

I just posted about adding sunflowers "here"  and "here" to my interior decor and wanted to stay with the cheerful golden yellow tones for this late summer display.

 I kept the chevron bow I put on there in June as seen "here"

Creamy white chrysanthemums, a golden lily and golden sunflowers.
There is next to no space between this door and the storm door so I have to create these with a very thin profile.

I puffed the bow back up but as you'll see in the next picture it becomes compressed.

We have a deck that surrounds two sides and part of it is by the entry door.  It's a raised ranch and I'm down on the driveway taking this on an angle.  That's a big tree reflecting on the glass in case you thought the glass was dirty.  Darn, when I closed the door I didn't realize the bow shifted.  I'll have to fix that! 

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Ivy and Elephants

August 17, 2015

Sunflower Happiness Cont'd!

On Friday I did a post about Summer's Sunshine- Sunflowers as seen "here"

 I think sunflowers are the perfect transition from summer to fall.  I'm not ready to let go of summer just yet so I'm transitioning my look with sunflowers.  I had a variety of artificial sunflowers in my stock pile and I even had some white ones too!  I know the real ones are best but they don't last very long and it would be expensive to keep fresh ones around for the next month or so!

I felt that the white would help keep it summery so I made sure I added enough pops of it.

I swapped out the blue vase for the white milk cow topped bottle.

 I carefully split up my lavender into these three tin containers.  Pier 1 sells this as a utensil holder but I saw it differently!  

There are hand painted sunflower stemware wine glasses here too but they're hard to see. 

The white ruffle edge bowl was from Hobby Lobby.  I've been looking for one but they were always too expensive.  This one was very reasonable especially at 50% off and a nice size for our petite table.   

Looking back from my kitchen sink...I like it!
 Now I have to re-do the front door basket!

August 14, 2015

Summer's Sunshine- Sunflowers!

Well it's late in the summer season and Sunflowers are in bloom!
I think they offer a ray of sunshine for any day- even a gloomy one!

I rummaged through my stock of artificial flowers and ended up with this... These were about 24" stems but I chopped away at them to work for these jars.

I was going to put these jars on the plate rack but they were too tall so I finallly decided I wanted a new cheerful design on the windowsill at my kitchen sink.

 I've been growing a collection of green glass bottles.  This one has a cow on it although I just couldn't seem to capture it well.  The little jar has pieces of the lavender that have fallen from my small bouquet of lavender I got at the lavender farm.

Makes me happy!!

Bon Weekend everyone!

Tuesdays at our Home

August 13, 2015

Artistic Gate at the Old Family Farm

I'm joining the Run A Round Ranch Report once again 
for her party "Good Fences"
I want to thank everyone who visited my first post last week- I was overwhelmed with the kindness and great response!

My husband grew up in this tiny little farmhouse in the southeastern part of Michigan.  It was a working dairy farm but these days it's quiet and the earth rests around it.

 I took these pictures in Nov. 2013 and I first posted about this "here"

 Just to the west side of the house is an old fence and neat gate my husband's sister put together.  I walked along and hoisted bails of hay onto a cart a few times in this field!

I used my cell phone for the pictures so they're not the best quality.  I enhanced the photo so you could see the detail on the gate a bit better.  

 The artistry is by the same sister Clara that created the gate.
 This depicts the field just beyond the barn on the east side...

 This is the old milk house area...when I first started coming around in '73 it was very active.  The big dairy truck would arrive and run a big hose in through this door to the milk tank several times a week.  By 1985 the cows were sold off and the farm only produced corn and hay for several years to sell for added income.

The old stanchions only serve as reflections of this once active barn these days...

This feels like a fence doesn't it?

She's a tired barn but still standing her own ground.  Her roof is straight and that's very important!  I'd love to give it a new silver toned painted roof and a coat of red on the barn!  I love red barns! 

"Good Fences"

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