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July 28, 2016

This and That This Week #3

I took it easy all week long.

 I made a little tweak to this vignette.  I added the nautical pig and moved the knot ball over by the flowers where the artichoke was as seen "here".  Now I am gearing my mind up for a change on the plate rack.  I've really enjoyed this nautical setting but with August around the corner I want to create something that is very summery looking with flowers before we head into the fall season.

I tweaked my fairy garden a bit.  I have a new post on my garden blog that you are welcome to come visit "here" to see what I did in the fairy garden.

A friend of mine's husband passed away early this year.  She decided to sell her home and scale down to something smaller and my daughter bought her grill and patio set.  The patio set was black and she wanted it yellow so a few weeks ago we took it to have it sand blasted and powder coated.  We'll be delivering it this weekend.

I took this last October when she had just purchased her first house!  It came with a lot of nice landscaping including this decking that is also a patio.  Lots of mulch and no grass to mow on this little city lot which I found to be a great idea.  I'll be sure to get a picture taken as soon as it's all set up!

This is my Morning Glory vines I planted June 2nd and placed on the deck.  My idea was for the vines to eventually attach to the railings and then I could see the flowers from the house.  They want plenty of sunlight and we get the most here so it's working out well.

Today I was pleased to see the first bloom appear!  I forgot to move the tripod that has the trail camera on it.

Speaking of the trail camera- it caught one of the turkey's waltzing around the garden yesterday.

Such a pretty flower!

My view out the kitchen window.  It's a rainy morning so no sunshine but that's okay- a good refreshing rain is always welcome!

I like to think of my summer "deckorating" this year as my little conservatory.  I like viewing it from the kitchen dining table every day.  Notice that over to the other side of the deck along the railing I have another morning glory planted.  I look forward to seeing lots of blooms soon!

I hope you've had a good week so far and are looking forward to a great weekend!

That's all for This and That This Week!


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July 26, 2016

Crashing On My Fairy Garden

Last week Thursday I had a big boo boo!
I wrote about it on my garden blog so rather than repeating it I'm leaving a link to it in case you'd like to read about it.

July 21, 2016

This and That This Week #2

I did a little updating in the kitchen

Summer's heat has kicked in and I'm inside trying to stay comfortable.  Of course I can't sit still so I have to putter with something.  I came up with a new idea for the new bread basket I got a little while ago and had shown it in this post back in April "here".  I saw a picture the other day with a container filled with some everyday things like oils and spoons and such and it gave me the inspiration to fill my basket with a couple of items.  Perhaps I'll find some nice looking oil bottles to add in later.

The ceramic containers were purchased at a store that sells local hand made pottery.  The one pieces a small colander and the other is a crock.  I was drawn to them by the blue color and design on them and felt they'd work well with my seashell plate.  I added some of our daughter's jams that she made last year.

 A year ago I had one Polish Pottery coffee cup (center one).  Then I was gifted with two more (far left).  I ran across this small metal pot rack holder that was mounted on a wood board but I saw it as an opportunity to have a mug rack.  I had Dan remove the wood board it because I wanted it more simplistic.  I recently added the two coffee cups on the right to complete the ensemble.  It was another way for me to add some blue in the kitchen.

A while back I emptied and re-organized my dishes and everything that shows in the glass is pretty much all white now.  The red glassware is over in the right cupboard now and the other glassware has been mingled in other cupboards.  I always feel good when I organize things and then it works better than before!  

 It's been 20 years since we remodeled the kitchen and added on the big living room to the house.  These cupboards are all solid hickory and are holding up beautifully.  They have a piano hinged door in each corner cabinet.  Since the kitchen is fairly narrow I didn't want the traditional angled cupboard so it would help keep it looking as wide as possible.

 These drawer pullouts are handy.  I have my small appliances in the top so they're easy to take out.  I organize it so the most used are nearest the front.  

 The drawers by the stove were called pots and pans drawers and that's what I use them for.    We had bright brass knobs on the cabinets and switched to dark bronze a while back to update them.  The range I chose has a flat front and no handle that sticks out.  That was part of my plan to make the room seem more spacious too.

The stainless appliances came along about 8 years ago.  The end cupboard which I chose to frame the side of the refrigerator is 12" deep and I use it like a pantry.

The main reason I like plain white or nearly all white dishes now is they're a good basic that work with for so much.  If I had to get rid of all my other dishes these would never leave.  

We added Corian countertops a while back at a time that granite was at his most expensive so we couldn't afford it.  I like the solid surface it offers and its holding up great.

I saw this cow creamer at Pier 1 not long ago and had to have it.  I added it to the etagere with my pig salt and pepper shakers.  The fleur de-lis plates are from Sur La Table (last year).   They sell them as a tray but I like them to use for soup and a sandwich. They are blue and white but it's doesn't really look that way in the picture.

Because it's a hot day I went out early to water my gardens.  As I came back up on the deck I noticed the sun shining on this hydrangea and captured it.

This is how I get my back gardens watered.  It's a bit too much to hand water.  

We treated ourselves to a new patio dining set early this month.  I was able to sell our other set within a week of purchasing this so I was tickled about it and hubby was impressed with the extra moolah!  The umbrella is 11 ft. wide so we get good coverage.

It's a granite look table top.  

We got the umbrella half off because the manufacturer didn't make it right.  When you would crank it closed the ribs would come out of the little pocket that they're supposed to stay in.  I came up with the idea to rivet them in place and that evolved into drilling a hole, then using a small washer and a short screw and hooray it stays together and works perfectly.

My view out of the kitchen window.

Well that's it for my This and That This Week!

July 17, 2016

Rainy Day Coffee Table

It's been a full day of rain today which forced me inside but I got a chance to focus on the living room so that's a good thing!

It's not even 2:00 but the cloud cover has made it dark inside so I turned on some lights.  The coffee table setting was bugging me.  I hadn't given any thought to it for a good while.

I fussed a bit with the cloche and decided to turn the cast iron urn into a candle holder.  

I pushed my faux ivy plant down in the center and spread the vines around and then snuggled the candle holder on top.  I was looking for something taller for this vignette and adding the books underneath gave me what I needed.

I took pictures at various intervals so the time on the clock will keep changing!  (I had TCM on and watched Butterfield 8 with Elizabeth Taylor- so I was occasionally distracted) I wanted one of those wooden bead necklaces to lay somewhere but couldn't find what I liked.  I decided to pull out some of these deco balls from a jar I usually have them in and spread them around inside the cloche.  It'll do for me!

 I kept the birds and books in play.

I got a notion to use my antique looking keys.  I tried real hard to have them fit inside the cloche with the book and clock but it wasn't to be.

The sun started to break through late in the afternoon so I captured a brighter picture.  I do believe the rain has passed now too!   

Do you like rainy days to play inside?  Did you get rain this weekend?  


July 16, 2016

Jazzing Up The Dining Table

On a recent venture to Pier 1 I found a pair of candlesticks on clearance and decided they'd go home with me.  I didn't have a plan but when I got home I took them out of the bag and quickly set them on the table.   Then I noticed they seemed to work with the big white handled bowl on the table.  I was concerned that they were more holiday looking so I wanted to play that down a bit.

I have so many candle holders in the nearby area I was a little apprehensive about putting candles on top.  I wasn't sure what I was going to use but then I spotted my pair of little bird figurines and decided to try them on top.  I liked the look but they needed a little more of something.

I put a couple of grapevine wreaths on top and liked it right away but the seemed a bit too bland so I decided to jazz them up with green.  I figured it would add an unexpected touch and color to the candle holders. 

I got a color that was pretty much a grass green but then it was too bright so I mixed in some of this metallic color I had on hand and it created a little more of a yellow tone which seemed to work better.  This is my hi-tech work area!
So here they are!  Simple but I think it gave it a fun look.  I think the green helped play down the shiny gold on the candlesticks and draws your eye to the bird a little more.

Well then I had to fill the handled bowl with some flowers right?  Thank goodness Michael's had these at a 40% discount.  I bought 6 stems of these Frangipani (Plumeria) and a bush made of Hosta leaves.   I ended up cutting apart the Hosta leaf bush and inserting the leaves randomly.  The Frangipani had super long stems so they had to be chopped off.

I took the elephant candle holder that was sitting just over there by the other candlesticks and added it to the vignette.  I hadn't imagined using it near the big handled bowl but it seems to be a good combo.

 All of these pieces were bought months apart with no plan of attack but somehow ended up working together!  Love it when that happens.  I've had the birds a long time and hadn't used them in a while so it's good to get them out again!

I'm spending so much time outdoors lately it's hard to focus on the inside.  I wanted to do something on the dining table but nothing was clicking.  Funny how one thing leads to another!


July 11, 2016

Sunday Stroll Thru A Favorite Gift Shop and Garden Center

Boy I am a sucker for these kinds of places!  We drove up to Glen Arbor and visited a little place called Wildflowers.  They have an outdoor area loaded with perennials and annuals plus some nice garden accents.  Their store is full of household decorative items like pictures, silk plants, pottery, small furniture pieces, candles, jewelry and so forth.  I don't know if I've ever left there with nothing in my hands yet!

As soon as we got out of the car I had to take some pictures. 

A cat statue sitting among some catnip!

My daughter has a Holland Lop bunny that looks a lot like this!

Of course I wanted this figuring made of aluminum but the price tag was too steep.

Nice variety of cone flowers.  I wanted to buy the real fat ones they were called something like Double Scoop Raspberry.

These are the largest Bellflower (Campanula) that I've seen.

Just to give you an idea of how large the flowers were!

I love the color of the day lilies in the pot- another raspberry kind of color.

This place is very enchanting to stroll through.

Love this too- heck I loved everything I saw!

Way down there is a small greenhouse with hostas that I always have to check out.

This is hard to make out but it's a metal gazebo.  Dan and I have liked it for some time but again it's pricey.

I've had my eyes out for a simple metal chair to put a plant on but everything I like is expensive or it comes in a set like this one did.

Red Lobelia or Cardinal Plant...I want some of this.

This is a cute playful scene with children finished in a bronze look.  I think it's made of aluminum and around $1,000 so I have to just keep admiring it.

This area was loaded all around me with hydrangeas.  Some are planted and they mix the new ones near them which makes for great impact.  I'll be heading to that little brown building soon!

I worked my way over to the hosta area.  I have so many I coudn't justify another one but I enjoy seeing them just the same!

This is part of the store area which has a railroad depot at one end.  The store owner had it moved here many years ago.

I finally made it to this 2nd little store area.  I didn't take pictures inside as there were a few other people in there and it's pretty tight inside.

I found this plant stand though and it came home with me.

It has kind of an industrial look to it.

I rearranged my plants which are basking in the sun.

I have a 2nd blog in case you'd like to visit where I focus more on my gardens.

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