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June 21, 2017


Ahoy he calls out to the ship that is coming in!

It's time for a quick lunch while the ship is restocked for their next voyage!

  I decided to start using my red white and blue linens and tableware.  
I mentioned in my previous post about the lighthouse that I have been collecting nautical things for some time.  I went down to the lower level guest room and borrowed a few pieces for today's tablescape.

 I love to mix patterns and textures and paisley is great with so many things.  I used an oversized tea towel as an overlay.  The red woven charges came from Pier 1 at lest 5 yrs. ago, stripe dishes from One King's Lane, and the nautical knot dishes from Pottery Barn.  

 The napkin rings are from Sur La Table and the napkins are by TAG

I love how this tea towel is accented with stripes and sailing ships!
I used this in a previous tablescapes which is one of my favorites you can see "here" called Seashells Stripes and Sailboats

I like a simple centerpiece I can remove if needed. The galvanized copper edged star tray came from a local store.  I researched the star after I purchased it but fondly found them available in sets of 5 graduated pieces if you ordered on line.  I was glad I found it being sold individually.

Time to dine!
Happy first day of summer!

June 19, 2017

Clay Pot Lighthouse

I've had an infatuation with lighthouses for years. I've collected decorative items featuring lighthouses and nautical things for some time now.  When I first saw the idea for a clay pot lighthouse back in March I knew I had to make it so I saved some links on my Pinterest Board called "Clay Pot Lighthouses" for inspiration.

Here's my tutorial...

These are only two examples that I saved on Pinterest but the small stone trim gave me inspiration.

First it was glued together (using a 100% silicone caulk) For reference the bottom tray is 14.5 wide.  After spraying the purple on I used painters tape to cover the purple and then the white was painted on.  I cut a paper bag and wrapped the body and taped it to the bottom pot area and then the black paint was sprayed on the tray. The doors and windows I used came from these little sets I found at a store with fairy garden accessories.  The example of the (square) window is the only one I could find to show you because I didn't take a before picture, but anyway I unscrewed the window and used the backside as my front because there were holes on the front side.  The door was kept as is but I built around it with stones to make it appear larger.

I sat outside one day and played with stones and glued them on with the same silicone caulk.

It was laid on the side and supported with towels so I could glue the windows and stones on around the windows.  The silicone is a little slippery at first so you have to wait a bit for it to set up.  Eventually I added more stones  to the door area (it's addictive to play with them) and then went around the edge of the tray with a bunch more.

The top tray area ended up getting more detailed than when I first imagined it all but I'm so happy and grateful for my hubby's help on it.
He used a 3/16th" brass rod cut into 2" pieces, a 1/4” chrome ball bearing that he glued on with epoxy and a very tiny screw set (that he saved from an old electronics project) Using a carbide tip drill he drilled several holes around the perimeter for the chain fence.  
I found a chain in the jewelry area at Michael's that I felt had the right look.  After setting the little posts and figuring out the length of chain to use he screwed it together - then it was spray painted with a gold color and then a clear coat.  The clear color dulled the gold a bit but I liked it and felt it was the best look.

I hunted around to various places and finally found this large round stepping stone to set the lighthouse on.  I didn't want it to be directly on the ground so the paint wouldn't start to erode and it would be splashed with dirt all the time.  The big stone just before it was already there but I did have to dig some plants, relocate them and removed a large pink quartz accent stone to create the setting for the lighthouse.

This will keep it elevated and cleaner.

Did I mention that this lighthouse is maintained by my fairies?  Yup!  That's one of the reasons I chose the purple and white colors instead of the usual red, black, white etc.  My fairy garden is just around the corner- I will show that soon!

I love how the top came out and at night it's real cute!
You can't see them but there are a few extra holes for drainage in the tray.

What's nice is there are batteries that can be changed out in the light fixture so it's not a thruway if it starts to die off which used to happen to the solar path lighting.  We found the pathway light at a big box store.

 The ground sedum is very forgiving.  I just dug a bunch out of the way and then reseated it and it took right off growing again.

There's about $40 into this but you can do it less costly than the path I took.  I am not good at painting things like the doors and windows so when I saw the ready made window and door pieces it knew it was right for me!

I hope you like my Clay Pot Lighthouse!

June 18, 2017

Inspired by Flowers

I collected a couple of flowers from my gardens.  The peonies have been blooming through this past week and there are still some iris in bloom.

 The white peonies are the most fragrant and intoxicating.  As I wandered towards the garden to cut some I was greeted with their gorgeous scent.

 The iris have been holding up pretty well during all the wind and rain we've had lately but this one was bent over so I snipped it and brought it indoors.

I was inspired to create this little vignette with a cherry scented candle, a goose figurine and of course the flowers.  

 Last Friday I cleaned around the house and took apart the plate rack and decided it was time for a summer look.

 Continuing with my flower inspiration I brought out these Pier 1 floral dishes that I purchased during one of their sales and I adore them.  The colors and the flower pattern are perfect for summer!

 I decided to keep the green cabbage leaf dishes on the plate rack and I love how they look with these dishes behind them.

 A Jim Shore bird house I found at Lowe's several years ago.  I treasure it and it will never really be used outdoors for the birds!

 Our area is all about the cherries.  Every so often I find a cookbook with cherry recipes and this is one. A lot of our local stores sell things like this since cherries are a big draw up here.  They have the National Cherry Festival every year around the 4th of July for a week.  Tons of visitors arrive!

 One of the few MacKenzie Childs pieces I have.   

 I can't be positive if I bought this lamb at Hobby Lobby or another store.  I stuck a potted faux cabbage in it just for extra cuteness!

 I also got the salad plates and brought out two of my fleur de-lis mugs to go with the setting.

Inspired by flowers!

I'm changing my blog name to "Home and Gardening With Liz".  My 2nd blog which was dedicated to my love of gardening is being combined with this one.  Linda (Life and Linda) is handling the transfer   of my old posts and I am so grateful she's there for me!

Dishing It & Digging It 

June 16, 2017

Heavenly Peonies

 I love the scent of peonies and I think they are a beautiful flower too!
I don't have tags from them but after doing research they are considered heirloom peonies.  

This was one of the first peonies to bloom and then they started opening fast!  We had some really strong thunderstorms with lots of wind so I'm grateful it didn't ruin them.  They are bent over a bit more now but at least they're not broken.

 I did put a metal cage for peonies out in the spring and made sure the plant grew up the center to help support it and I like how it worked!  This picture was taken May 2nd- it's amazing how much growth has occurred since then!

I have three colors in this bed.  The darker pink color needs to be moved but I am very impressed with how well it's doing this year.  The big blue spruce is crowding it a lot but somehow it still manages to bloom.  Peonies don't like to be moved but it will have a bit more leg room off to the side  of the white ones.

The white is the most fragrant and I like how the Cranesbill (perennial geraniums) always are blooming at the same time. 

This is an easy plant to take care of.  It spreads a bit but it's not hard to control it.  Great border plant.

The perennial purple salvia is always a reliable plant and I love the color.  There will be Shasta daisies and lilies blooming soon too.

I think these are heavenly!
Have a great weekend! 

June 15, 2017

Father's Day Inside or Out?

 We have been getting a lot of rain and the prediction through Father's Day is on and off so I decided I'd be prepared to dine or dine out!

 I combined dishes, an ice bucket, a beer stein (which has a set of flatware tucked in it), two wine/tea glasses, vinyl placemats and napkins with anchors in this large metal tub.  If the weather cooperates I can just lift this and head outside to set the table.

I filled the bottom with paper bags to help everything sit higher and then covered it with a striped runner to disguise the paper.

 I don't have any hunting or fishing scene dishes so I went for a picnic like nautical table for Father's Day. 

 This is a cute beer crate with bottle opener I found at T.J. Maxx a couple of months ago.  I can grab this and take it outside too (of course we'll chill the drinks first!).

 I added some mustard, ketchup, relish, pickles and salsa to the two tier tray (Walmart).  I have some bowls in back that can be used for the condiments and a glass sugar bowl on top with small serving forks and spoons.

 A little nautical flair…

 I gave these Waterford pilsner glasses to Dan a while ago and we always forget to use them so I pulled them out for the table in case we eat inside!  I layered the same vinyl placemats with a square wicker mat, then a galvanized charger and the nautical dishes.  I put some tea and Angry Orchard drinks in the beer crate since there's only going to be a few of us and not everyone wants beer.

 I pulled the chairs out to make it look inviting…come on and have a seat!  Our daughter is making him a blueberry pie which is will be thrilled with and we'll grill some dogs and steaks.  I will make either a pasta salad or potato salad and of course the usual baked beans.

It has been overcast all day so I had a hard time taking pictures.  The sun came out mid-afternoon.

Come rain or shine I'll be ready for Father's Day dining!

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